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They killing themselves,
Facelift, Botox, boob jobs and ass shots!

Dresses that show,
Everything, the doctor worked on!

Baby girl, you ain’t the first
With Boobs, an ass and a pussy!

I pulled your man wearing
Jeans, sneakers, and a hoodie!

Dressing to impress,
Only to really, be making an impression,
That you think you’re clever!

I still see your depression!

And you can’t cure it at the bottom of that glass full of liquor,

It won’t even be gone when you wake up next to that random nigga!

I been there before,
I’m telling you that your own heart
Is trying so desperately to stop it!

You’re crying out for help,
But everyone can’t seem to spot it!

Well, sweetie I’m telling you,
I can see you!

Inside this shell of a disaster,
You created,
Is a gift worth cherishing,
One purely outdated!

See, you are your own cure baby,
To all the pain you are suffering from!

Look within to find that love,
Once you do, you’ll see yourself! J

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