My ONE True Love!

Peace, bliss
Rest in my chest

No more long nights
Or unhappy days
I got love that’s here to stay

You know when you know
That my love is my soul

No body else could take his place

Cold, Dead, Love!

We’re just a couple of vampires,
I wouldn’t expect you to understand,
This type of selfish love!

He takes my head, I steal his heart,
I can’t love without him,
He can’t think without me,
One can’t live without the other!
We’re so perfect that we suffer,
Without one another!

It’s just Cold dead love!
Us being the only ones to
give each other Life

So wake me from my coffin please,
I want to walk the night with you

We only drain the others
so we can Rest In Peace!

My long lost bloodsucker,
You’ll always have this part of me!


I’m screaming inside myself,
What you smiling for?

Burning, Bleeding, and dying,
Right outside my chest

Can no one see these
Knives sticking out of me?

Where did I go?

Where am I?

I’m hiding from myself,
The voices leading me,
Further away,
I can’t move,
I don’t want to move

Why can’t someone save me,
Save me from this pain

Lord, make it go away

Am I suppose to feel sad,
Because I only feel this way when
I’m in love
And when I lose that love
I become so numb

Oh god help me,
I’m tired of this game
And I’m not sure if
I’m losing or winning
This time!

New Year, Who are you?

Tick tock
The winding down of the clock
To say if you are in or not
You only have till 12:00

Once the new year settles In
This determines how we end

This will be the final test
For you to decide who you think is best

Will you be a friend or foe
Only the new year will let us know

Ice Cream and Cake


why curious

I know what I like

My body doesn’t discriminate

I like ice cream with my cake

I eat and I bake

Because I’m double trouble

Need me something sweet

While standing next to some


It’s easy to think I can’t make up my


But It’s clear that I did

I love everyone

No matter what you got

Underneath the lid

Jasmine’s Garden

Uh oh!

She thought she could go toe to toe
With a black throned rose

Watch your step baby girl
I earned every thorn and every petal
You’ll lose your mind
Coming after mine

So I suggest you
turn back where you came
And learn to respect my mane

I’m the only light in this garden surrounded
By my lovely dark flowers
See each rose I bloom
Sealed someone else’s tomb

For if you come through my path again
I’ve already dug your grave
And picked you rose’s name!

Dying Love Song

You were my favorite melody
Played on every station
Never missed a beat
Tune so sweet
Bring me to my feet
Made my body shake
Rhythms made me weak

Seems like I’d always have
You stuck in my head
Humming your song
Snapping my fingers
It was so poetic
Never grew tired

But it wasn’t long before
Your lyrics caught up with me
Then I understood your symphony
It Once made me smile
now it makes me weep

Used to tap my toes
Now I scream out woes
Trying my best to escape
The sorrows
No doubt you’ll remind me

It’s like a song I used to sing
But now it’s just a painful ring
A reminder I should not have listened
Horrible tone, no long need a