Expecting the Unexpected

I’ve created this perfect man in my head

Impossible for reality to reach

But I still believe

That if I wish hard enough

He will bust out and come rescue me

We Will Heal Our World

Say this once in your head

And twice outloud

I’m healing

I’m healing

I’m healing

My pain is no longer with me

My pain is the bird that flew away in the night

It left a place for me to fill with love and delight

I’m healing

I’m healing

I’m healing

the world just got blessed and it’s walking around in a brand-new dress

Unrecognizable from it’s last distress

This world is covered in love and holiness

This world is green and blue

This world loves me and you

This world has good vibes and great nights

This world is the best feeling on the out and inside

This world’s smiles light up the dark

This world doesn’t believe in spending time apart

This world is family gathered at the dinner table

Sharing loving things and eating food that makes our tummies sing

This world brings joyful tears to my eyes

This world grows stronger without needing to fight

Love and happiness are the best friends that cherish every one of it’s inhabiants

This world’s name is earth and we are so proud of it!

Saying it again, twice outloud and once in your head!

I’m healing

I’m healing

I’m healing

Spread Love!

First and foremost

Let me apologize for myself

Now that I’ve learned more

I found out my soul was not at rest

We constantly were looking to clean up some


Now I’m saying let’s just love it instead

Love will take care of the rest

We simply just have to make sure

We keep this world blessed

Jah is here to give us our best

I love you because you gave me the ultimate gift

I will not abuse it

you will spread love

You will take care of each other

Like brother and sister

And free your minds from pain and discomfort

This new world has nothing but gains

believe in this and you will never feel shame

And you will finally leave behind the games

We Don’t Have to Fight!

Look I don’t want to fight with you

I simply wanted to express how I felt so you could see it from my point of view

I haven’t seen the shore in like a month or two

Let’s take a break and get comfortable

Drowning is not entirely an option for you

So what did you really have to lose

Relax your mind and free yourself from the thoughts that make you feel uncomfortable

I only want to help

And if you don’t want it

I’ll be sure to go

it’s not like this place is really my home

This is not Your Home!

It makes sad when I get down because of you

I’m just curious what would you do if you had my point of view

would you look upon me and judge just the same too

What if I was you?

What would you do?

Could you cast me away like I mean nothing to you?

This is becoming so trivial to keep complaining about something that I didn’t do

You realize how much negativity you spew

I’m narcissistic now?

How convenient for you

Not once did I say the word me but maybe you weren’t paying attention to that

We’re you?

Focus on you boo before you lose you too!

Peace with no Puzzle

They say we’re all one and they want world peace

I feel like that’s untrue

Because why do I always feel at peace before I start to talk to you

hear me out

I’m not trying to say what you said was offensive in any way

I just feel like there is a much bigger source at play

See I deal in energy and as we know energy is not all the same

So save me the rah-rah speech and instead of trying to make me blend

Understand that i’ll never become what you want me to be

Your best friend

Yes, I know so rude, so aggressive, so closed off

Well I’m sure if we’re all the same that would make you just as wrong

Since I know this I’m playing my hand much more closely

too find out that they don’t want to let you stand out

Naw, the new slaves no longer follow

they lead

I’m talking about the ones on top guiding y’all like sheep

Don’t you see the river was back on the other trail

I’m heading in that direction to take a drink

Now all of a sudden I’m considered out of line

Because I chose to follow my own mind

Oh what a crime

This poor world of mine

it’s lonely but at least I ain’t crying

Freedom has a price

And if I had the opportunity to gain it

I would definitely pay my life

You Think This is a Game….

Every man for himself
Well that’s fine by me
Been on my own since 1993

See a player, kill a player
This ain’t a game to me

Ain’t no worst combo
Than beauty and the beast

Why you asking who did this to me?
When you should already know I live free

And when it comes to you vs me I’m gonna pick me

That’s the way it was meant to be

Don’t be so certain I’m on the losing team
I’m forcing the odds to be even

Balancing the music sheets
Sounds like some great music to me

Pain in my pen
So I rewrote that shit

We all got a past
But I’m focused on getting it erased

We all can’t be this great
I’ve just been blessed this way

So leave me alone
If all you want to do is play