I climb

Even when I’m sleep

Even when I eat

Even when you thought I was

Losing me

I’m climbing

Because I seen it already

My soul said this is the ending

But the journey is what I want you to look forward to

So I’m climbing

Nothing will stop me

So just Let it be

You come around trying to

Halt me

But you only lower your chances

I’m on a path that’s holding tight

And I can’t be removed

No matter what you do

I’m still climbing

Way past you

Shhhh……it’s here!


It’s coming


Listen up


Pray now


Don’t say nothing


Heart jumping


Fear it


My secret


You’re end bitch


I warned you


Times up


Lights off

Harder Choices

How could I repay you?

You gave me my love back, showed me life was worth living,

even the times I got mad or sad, you had me smiling again!

I just hope you understand, this was a very hard decision, giving you away is my way of trying to give you what I was given!

Your heart is bigger than both of us, thank you for allowing me to be responsible for you for this long,

the next person that gets the job better know how special you are, because to me your worth the stars,

You might just be a dog but man’s best friend was a small statement for all that you came to be!

I love you Jaxson and I pray to see you again when I’m finally back on my feet!

Here I Am!

I hurt too

I cry sometimes behind closed doors

Alone and internally in pain

I feel stress

I feel pain

I feel lonely

I try my best to hold on to it all

I try my best not to spread it to anyone else

I try my best not to fight myself

So when I need you

Just know it’s because I’m tired of being alone

When I say I want to be alone

Just know that I’m preventing this demon from hurting anyone else

When I say help me

just know I’m in trouble because I’m losing myself

And when I say I love you

Believe me and please just share the moment with me, who knows how long I have left!

Too Much Pride, Not Enough Love!

I’m tired of running into those with too much pride

Kills all the love inside

I’m ready to let go spread my wings

So if you’re not down because your taking off

Then can you please just stay away from me

It’s crazy I have so many people in my phone

But your name is the only name I want

there goes your pride again

Telling you that I’m lying

You understand it’s not me your fighting with


or are you still just choosing your ego’s side

That’s okay

Some will never know what it means to have love

For them money, drugs, and women seems to be enough,

Well since we’re speaking on the stuff you’re missing out on the greatest drug of them all

But I guess that would be a lie because clearly you already think it’s your pride

Questionable Behavior

Why come around if you don’t trust me?

Why come around if you just want to rush me?

Why come around if you just want me to be down like you?

Why come around if you can’t realize I’m in love with you?




Do you really want me to just sit around and cry?

Do you really want me to be unhappy and cranky?

Do you really want me to die?

What’s the matter with doing things my way?

What’s the problem with just listening to what I say?

You treat me like your ex and that’s not even me, and if I try to treat you like you treat me, you would swear I’m being unfair!

When was the last time you looked in the mirror?

Maybe, it’s not me, but that’s what scares you right?

You want it to be…….


Dethroned again? I think not, the beast will always get a defeat, sniffing out the weak,

I standby patiently, sharping my teeth, can’t wait to taste the tears you will weep!

I’m closer than you think, smiling in the dark, eating their hearts, bashing heads in,

They thought they could cause a spark, not a single feeling in my heart, except the desire to pull your body apart

Sick, is an understatement, I created disease, a giant virus, you’re a dog, I’m the fleas!

Don’t be so sure, you got a hold of me, maybe I thought all the way up to this point, you will never know more than I know,

But feel free to guess the next move, I’ll give you a guess, I blow you up, and I laugh

Tired of people pulling my card like I won’t do some shit so unexplainable!

Being on my bad side is like facing death himself!