Thanks for the Memories!

Now that I’m over you, did I ever really love you to begin with?

I mean thanks for the memories because they literally were better than the real thing

My fantasies are my personal drug and all I asked for was for you to wake me up

I guess that was asking for too much, man child, if I ever seen one

You didn’t want responsibility for anything after we broke up, only to tell me how much I did you wrong

Let me rethink about that too, because the biggest mistake I did was fall for someone just like you

And I should’ve knew, that I’d always be there for you while you’d leave me as soon as I didn’t do what you wanted me to do

Thanks for the memories, they are a bittersweet lesson wrapped up in another experience I hope to never encounter again

You even lied to me when you said you would always be my friend

I’m glad that it’s over now that I sit back in this good morning light

I’d wish you were here but you ended our relationship and I’m starting to believe you got it right

How About Forever

I can’t help it sometimes

I get way ahead of myself

And I start imagining us

With kids in a big house

You be the cat

Let me be the mouse

I would rather know you feel me

Like I feel you

Tell me

Sing it to me

Let me know you’re falling too

I’d hate to be wasting my time

So please just let me know

That I’m yours

And you’re mine

We could play house or

Just kick it till we’re ready

I’m not in a rush bae

I’d rather take my time and go steady

Just rock with me

And I will with you too

I want to be to love birds

Because I’m tired of being blue

So I’m talking about forever

Can you blame me

Who decides to stay single ever

I been thinking about you

Just tell me your thinking about me too

Meetings in the Bedroom

It’s 12:00 am

Meetings with a friend

Clothes coming off

Talking extra soft

Movement slow and sensual

Touching, gripping, grabbing

Getting sexual

It’s 12:40 am

No longer friends


Bodies bumping


Dancing in the dark

a, e I and you

Love making music

Bodies still moving

It’s 1:20 am

movements cease to exist

Ended perfectly

With a kiss

chaos sweet chaos

Looks like a tornado hit the room

Sweet sounds of heavy breathing

Aftermath of freaking

Peace slowly restoring

We lay here in the open

Tired but wide open

Completely wide open

What a meeting in my bedroom


Tell me why should I stay?

There is barely any trust

Like when I get something for me and not you

You feel some type of way about it

give me one good reason

Why I should stay

I mean you made it clear

My kind was never welcomed here

Even when I bleed the same color as you

Even though I came from a womb just the same as you

Tell me again

Why should I stay

my people only been in chains longer than I can remember

And I’m talking chains that we don’t wear around our necks

mentally chained to believe in everything that you been feeding us

Since before we never asked for you’re help to begin with

why would I stay

This place clearly wasnt meant for me

And now my vision is clearing up

I’m starting to see clearly where’s my home

I’m not staying here

You can’t keep me here

I break my chains

I cleared the way

My path is lit up

My path walks on water

my path move mountains

My path glides over valleys

My path is mine and I know my path continues

After you!


The devil’s got a weak spot and I know it

Playing this game for a while

And I knew eventually he would show it

Now that I got this power, I control him

So bless me or curse me

But never doubt me cuz that’s where you losing your footing

And the catch is, one fucking bad drop after the next bitch

maybe you didn’t hear what I said

I said I better get your respect bitch

Cuz if you come for me again the devil will be sure to make you his next VIC


Things looking up

Looking up

Like the universe

Kissed my cheek

And slapped my ass to wake me up

Looking up

Feeling like I got all the luck

I put it out like

I’m my own pot luck

I got trust

That if it all fall

I’ll eventually get it all back

I’ve done it so many times

That fall starting to look

Like spring to me

Just give me a dollar and a dream

I got it

Regardless if you believe in me

Looking up

I’m looking up

Don’t see nobody

Not even you in my way!

This Little Light of Mine

Late night

Hearts pound




Time spent alone

Do you miss me?

Like I miss you?

Are you up wondering?

Or are you dreaming about us?

I lay looking into the dark

Wondering what’s missing

I need a light

A spark

That’s when you call


On time

You light my dark!