Unconditional Love

I’m not sure why you are so confused

Not knowing what to do

Love in the wind?

Are we better off as friends?

Not to reprimand but

You don’t know love, Love

I give you freedom

Because I trust

You came back

More than once

We can dance all night

If that’s what you really want

Lovers tango

Or sometimes waltz

So we’re down for a moment

That’s the price you pay for years


Love is not always rainbows and unicorns

Sometimes it’s trying your best

To weather through the storms

Letting you find happiness on your own

Making a house into a home

When I say I love you

It’s because I do

No matter what, with or without you

Even if you don’t love me back

I pray you find someone that you can love

And I hope they love you like I do

Because unconditional love

Is the only love that is true

If Only You Knew….

If only you knew

What I would do

What I would do

Do for you

If only you knew

How much I cried

Cried because you

You were out of my life

If only you knew

How hard I tried

Tried to remain

remain apart of your life

If only you knew

That I never lied

Never lied

I mean never lied

If only you knew

How much I love you

I love you

I really do

If only

If only you knew

Fake Smile

Tears I can’t fake

Hidden in place

By this smile

Written clear on my face

Broken Heartbeat

Every tear rolls down my cheek

To the sound of the beat



Like waves crash on the sand

it hit me hard again



You just don’t love me

I’m not sure who told you


Love calls too many times

In a worried state

Love puts food upon your plate

Love gives you the truth

Love never lies

Love is never having to say bye bye

Your love was none of these things

So fuck your ring

Standing in the Flames!

He told her she could beat it

The feeling of feeling defeated

Climb out, fight back

Generate heat and get heated

So she stood in the flames

Calling out her own name

She stood in the flames

calling out her own name

he said you got this

Unlock your own lock miss

Push, pull,

Scratch, claw

So she stood in the flames

Calling out her own name

She stood in the flames

Calling out her own name

From the ashes he came

Screaming her name

Telling her it’s safe to go insane

move, shake,

Flow, bake

Run to the flames

And call out your name

you’ll escape all the shame

no you shouldn’t fear the pain

Strength you will gain

Absent from the brain

So she stood in the flames

And called out her own name

To Love or Not to Love

What are you scared of?


Love’s told too many different stories

Or wore different faces

Spoke so many words

Some good and some bad

Maybe love’s only made you mad

Or sad

So you found comfort in being lonely

It’s relaxing to know

no one can cause you confusion

But are you as happy as you could be

Love had a way of creating such bliss

took pain away with a single kiss

Doesn’t that seem worth the risk?

You unfortunately have to pick

Life’s a winding clock and every second equates to a tick

So what you gonna do?

Pluck the flower love

Do you or do you not?

The Missing Piece

I’ve never been this in love before

Waiting by the door

My day seems bleak without you in it

But to my surprise

You have arrived

Now life seems to shine and sparkle

The flowers seem to sing a tune

Joy is now a word for which I use

To describe how I’m feeling

About me and about you

You’re the light that illuminates my dark life

Without you

Something is missing

A puzzle unfinished

Yes, you are the key to open my wonders

My heart is now beating

My head no longer racing

Peace restored

Bliss, you can just taste it

No, I’ve never felt more alive

To have my love back in my life