Once a hungry caterpillar,
now a freshly morphed butterfly,
opening up my wings for the first time,

something to be said about this moment,
the moment before I take flight,

thank you ground for all you taught me,
you held on to me so tight,

you gave me foundation, and knowledge, that
I’ll always have,

I used to crawl before,
then I learned how to fly,

I’ll come back and visit sometimes, I’m sure,
because I’ll always need a place to land!

Rules Schmules

Is it okay to want someone who broke your heart?

It’s tearing me apart knowing that we are where we are,

I mean I don’t know about you, but a love like this doesn’t measure how far is too far,

I made mistakes and so did you but if I gave up on anyone that hurt me, I’d have absolutely no one too,

I would know because I lost you and since then it’s felt like the Earth was nothing but blue,

I just don’t know what to say, how can I tell you that I need you with these rules in the way,

cuz you’re all that I’m thinking of, I thank the Lord above, that I even had one second of your love!

What if I wrote you a love song?

KC & Jojo’d all my life, would it spark back up our dying lust, distance makes it harder to build trust,

but I try to keep faith, fairy tales were never happily ever after in one day!

I just continue to pray that maybe just maybe in someway, I’ll get the courage to say, how much I miss you, like the moon misses day!

Even if you don’t want me, I’ll break the rules and say I want you, and it doesn’t matter what you do, I’m too in love with you!

Free Consciousness!

Letting go doesn’t mean I’ve given up, letting go is me giving into love,

nothing can grow if the ground refused to open up, so spread your wings my precious buttercup, I, myself need to do some growing up,

trying so hard to be so tough, but the world is not my mind, it’s all that gushy stuff,

feelings, emotions, a deeper love, I’ll feel it every now and then, and when I’m in tune with myself, that’s enough,

I realize the world is what it will be, I have no control over the outer me, so why let this giant head try to take control of me,

breathe slow, clear your mind, unthink, there is one way to become the change you seek,

become aware of the thing within, just observe, don’t allow it to win, every time you feel it crawling, remember you’re the gift, it wants to get in,

don’t you pity it, free your mind, follow your heart, learn to love your spirit from beginning to start!

Fight the Power!

I’m just gonna say it…..

The black ppl mad because the white ppl mad, white ppl mad because the black ppl mad!

Women are mad because men are mad, men are mad because women are mad!

The rich still rich, the poor still sad!

We look so discombobulated it’s funny but not funny, lol!

Who’s guiding y’all in these circles?

Am I the only one noticing the patterns?

They about to find something else for y’all to be mad about! Watch!

Let it be a mermaid or a famous couple scandal/break up!

Drink the Kool Aid, they handed you the cup!

Keep following the herd, try to keep up!

I’m not going that way!

Black sheep, I took a shortcut!


Asking if I’ve ever been to eden before,
replying I’ll end up there when I’m dead, saying I made him feel like he was already there, well then pick an apple nigga, green, yellow, or red?

Now he messed up in the head, don’t understand what I said, you might as well choose cuz you ain’t getting ahead!

Blasphemy, you’re already dead!

Free Love!

Curious why you think I belong to anyone other than me,

I’m not property, I’m not some thing,

I think, I live, I feel, I breathe,

let me be if you can’t see, that I care more about you, than you care about me,

it saddens me, when the world refuses to be fair and just,

love could never be given out enough, I spread on and on and on,

selfish love isn’t love, it’s possession of someone’s soul,

let me show you how much I can grow, I don’t love you less than no one else,

but that doesn’t mean I can’t respect you more, I give you knowledge so you can use it on your own,

I’m not gonna hold you hostage with my love, now I won’t lie, I will admit, sometimes it’s hard for me to do it,

trying to love even those who treat me like shit, can be tough on a soul, so soft and rich,

but those are the ones who truly need it, in order to fill their cup to the brim, and I hope one day they will know that,

love never gives up, love is always here love, and it’s absolutely free for everyone!


You can not break an unbreakable force,

I’m sitting here reading that line over and over again and trying to make it make sense because I cried, I screamed, I yelled, I did petty things, I even acted mean!

I shut myself away from the world, I tried to make sure no one else would love me, I changed my diet, I change my wardrobe, I changed my hair, I changed my style, the way I hold my head up high, but what I never changed was how I feel inside!

After every tear, after every word, after every wish that you’d fall off a bridge, I still couldnt resist the fact that I can’t hate you, in fact I miss you, I wish you were here, just so I could tell you how sorry I really am,

I’m still in love with you and that just goes to show how deep my love truly is and how shallow yours was!

Now, I still may cry from time to time, but that’s only because I feel bad, I feel bad that you won’t ever know how much and how far I was willing to go, I feel bad that you didn’t believe how much you were apart of my dream, I feel bad that you couldn’t see that everything you wanted was already in me, and I really feel bad that no matter what you do, you will never find someone else on this Earth that loves you more than I love you!