My Self Love

I love you,
You know it!
Why do I have to say it,
When I know you,
I’d rather show you!

You are the first person,
I’ve felt like this for!

Not the butterflies,
No, I have had that before!

Not the way you make me think
About you more and more!

Not the way you make,
Tears flow non-stop from my eyes!

Not the way I can forgive you,
Every single time!

I’ve felt that all before,
Rest assure,
You are beyond this,
You mean so much more,
Because when the others made me
Fall in and out of love with them,
You happened to be my one
And only truest friend!

You didn’t just make me fall in love with You, instead you saved me,
You taught me being in love
Was letting go, trusting you!

Finding myself was the real
Truth, and now that I have
I realized no one ever loved
Me more than I do!

Times Change & People Do Two!

Goodbye, to the Girl you used to know!
This was her last show,
Now she’s off to the unknown,
A party for her waiting back at home!

Nothing was the same,
Trouble took her place,
Now that she’s off to a higher state,
I’ll be her again one day,
Until then she needs her space!

Her and Egypt reunited again,
I’ll miss her cause she was my closest
Until we meet again,
I’ll be starting back from the beginning!

Love is Just a Thought Away…..

What’s wrong with rainbows?
What’s wrong with butterflies?
What’s wrong with sunny skies?

I just want to live in a world where
There is no hate,
A world that seems entirely fake!
Maybe, if more people wanted the
World this way,
We’d all see the world turn into
A better place!

Love is just a thought away,
Letting go of anger, right away!
Forgiving someone for messing up!
Not staying down on your luck!

The negative energy is being fed,
That’s how come it’s attacking everyone’s head!
Learn to find the beauty in every ugly spot!
Deep inside, everyone wants a place that’s safe!
Don’t find comfort in the dark,
Come out and shine!
I promise you no matter what,
You will always be absolutely fine!

It’s a life worth living when
There is no more fears,
Only love glowing from ear to ear,
Crying out love,
Joyful tears,
Fill each cup,
with grateful cheers!

Love is the biggest threat of them all,
To whomever wants to see us fall!

Wonder Woman!

What makes her so happy?

What makes her feel so good?

She must’ve found someone else!

She must be still in love with her ex!

Theses are just some of the things

They wonder about me

I wonder what makes the air

Enter my lungs

I wonder what fun it must be

To swim underwater naturally

I wonder what makes the trees


I wonder what’s outside of me

Like what my body is doing

While I sleep

I wonder how much love I got hidden

Inside of me

I wonder what the elite thinks

Of me

Someone full of joy and happiness

Not following the code

One who found the latter

Just by sniffing it out

I’m wild and refuse the house

They wonder about me

But I wonder when they will see

I’m free and they should

Just come join me

Lost to the Ocean!

The way your tongue,
complimented your lips,
The way your voice,
Sent vibrations, in-between my thighs,
I lost so many thoughts,
Looking into your eyes!

The way your touch made me
lose my breath,
And to feel how hard my heart beat
Out my chest!

I knew it wouldn’t be long,
Before I would get you,
Before I allowed you to do,
What you wanted to!

Skin to skin,
I let you in,
The thrust followed by my moans,
Would’ve been enough to turn,
Anyone on!

You glide in and out,
Cause I swear my body was crying out,
The pressure closed in,
Well endowed!

I didn’t care the consequences
Of pleasure,
Ruining every 800 thread count
We could measure!

When I gave in,
You made it rain,
You make it pour,
I knew I would want it again,
But we both needed a break!

Once I tried to walked away,
Let me know it was our biggest mistake,
Now we were chained,
Cuffed by the hips,
I felt your lust for me and you knew it!

I could feel nothing but waves,
Crashing for days!
You refused the shore,
Always begging for more,
Drowning into me,
Slowly we lost our grip of reality,
We fell in love with the sea,
Drowning for all eternity!

Space Travel!

Heading up to outer space again,

Talking with an alien,

Discussing all the plans,

For when,

I make it to my own planet!

They gave me all the steps I need,

To make sure I take this trip with ease!

I’ll miss you earth, and I hope to return,

Some day,

Maybe then you’ll see it my way,

I made my home planet like you,

In certain ways,

But now it’s time to drift away,

Off into the empty space,

So I could finally reach my place,

The one I built on my very own,

This foreign place will become,

My new home!

World Survivor

I fall I get up,
Repeat, and repeat!

No need to cry,
No need to scream,
We been through it all,
Now we can work through
The pain!

Ready for goodbyes,
Ready for the times,
I don’t know which side to play!

Been ready for the world,
Because it’s been fighting me,
Tooth and nail!
I’m a survivor, So with each throw
I punch back,
blow for blow,
tit for tat!

This world thinks it’s better than my last,
But I’m growing way too fast!

No way this place will be my last,
So, bring it on,
I’ll fight forever, if need be,
But sooner or later,
I’ll always end up with a victory!