The End of the World as We Know it Now!

I wield the sword,
Heavy, but balanced!

I travel the road,
Unsteady and chaotic!

This was the path,
Meant only for me!

I’m the chosen one,
With my shield, and my
Sword makes 3!

The evil can’t stop me,
And I know they have tried!

Now they run in fear,
But there is no where they can hide!

I lit a flame,
In the house of my name!

Built on shame,
Blood, tears, and pain!

Today is the day,
I will make this man pay!

For I will defeat the beast,
For everyone, and
They will toast at the feast!

I want to attend,
But I know this fight is
My end!

So Wish me farewell,
I hope to one day
See you all again!

She’s “too PERFECT”, Crime!

I could drop a bomb,
But I’d rather let the lie
Continue on!

You swear you got the best of me
When I was playing nationals,
You were playing little league!

Your cues were so easy to read,
So I dug up some dirt, and then I
Planted some seeds!

You’re growing from the very lies,
I conceived, but you in fact believed,
Yet, you thought I was foolish, indeed!

See, I thought you could read,
The stories I gave and find which
Parts didn’t belong, tear at the seams!

There was a secret in between,
the lines you failed to see!
One that has pin pointed my plan,
And this master scheme!

Now it’s just a laughing matter,
See I’m a magician, A mad hatter!
My deck full of jokers, which always trumps aces!
Depending on which games, case by cases!

And I love the blame game,
Cuz I’m addicted to the shame!
For me it brands my name,
Warning anyone that comes after me
That I made the hall of fame!

Valley of the Unknown

There really is no telling!
Madness is her only home!
She’s been there all along!

Someone tried to save her once,
Now he’s drowning on his own!

She bathes in confusion,
Drinks uncertainty, and
Cries out tears of insanity!

You can’t be me,
It’s far too strong of a Tea,
For just anybody to sip!

I gulp it down like I care less about
I don’t fight the battles between
Wrong and right!

I’m much more unknown!
You won’t know,
You simply can’t!

Tried my best to teach but
This lesson has been recant!

Hopeless, fearless, less of it all!
Nothing will happen,
But everyone will eventually fall!

Last Time

I often think about our last time,

You in the shower, I’m on your mind!

Wondering, fantasizing, about our previous meet,
Soaking wet, you walk up to me!

Take it all off, get out of those clothes,

I take them off, I’m under your control!

You glide into me, see I was fit for a king!

You fill my caves, like the waves at the beach!

So Perfectly!

Moans, groans, some from me,
Some of your own!

Pleasure, beyond measure,
Starting fast, but finishing slow!

Your lips were my treasure,
You kissed me like you already knew
Well I wish I would’ve known too

That this was the last time, I’d get the chance to show you I love you!

The Lies I Dream

I dream a lie
All the time
that you
one day
will be Mine
I trick myself
All the time
But I
Get this
From it
From it
Guess I’m
Just foolish
Thinking you
Would Love me
It’s okay
I got
My fantasies
And in these
You and I
Are kings
And queens
Ruling a
Bend the knee
Because they
Don’t know
A love this
Higher than
Any being
But this is
Just my dreams
And I wake
In reality
To find
That you are
Not with me
But I’m
I can
So easily
Thanks so
Much for
the misery
Now I’m
Than I’ve
Ever been
All because of
My fib

Beauty in My Scars

I love all my scars,
They remind me
That I’ve come so far,
And still I shine,
Brighter than any star!

I’m grateful and thankful
I got lungs full of air,
And I got a head full
Of experienced lessons!

I was a dragon in my past life,
But now I’m a phoenix!

I’m no longer afraid of the fire!
I only see a garden of bright light!

So burn me, till my body becomes ashes
and I can be reborn a new!

Life’s Battles

Up then down,
Round and round!

This ride is the ultimate high,
Why would anyone Want to escape it?

Constantly, under pressure
But I fight all the darkness back!
Made my light shine through,
I smile now and laugh!

If only y’all could know my past,
But I’m smart, I know this feeling
Doesn’t always last!

So I slow crash into a few moments
Of disaster!
My heart holds on while my brain,
Struggles to sweep up the broken glass!

You see it’s a war between the
Negative and positive energy!

Often times I can fight it off,
Other times it’s got its claws in me,
And I need to find a way to release!
But, I hold it if need be, until
I gain my victory!

They think they got a hold on me,
Head towards my heart and you will see!

There is no fucking controlling me,
I fight off darkness in my sleep!

The war isn’t over and I may lose a battle now and then, but I’ll win this war at the very end!