I swear I’m a savage
I got that magic

I lose one
That’s average
Replace em
No baggage

I sweat em
Make him think
He the baddest

Play with his
Like I play for the Mavericks
Brick on purpose
All while


In another nigga basket

I do it all for practice

I mastered the game
You was a lame
No one even brings up your name

L’s I never take
Rolling in cake

Free agent
Free agent

I’m balling again!!

New High

I slit my wrist and bleed
Onto the page
Just to have it judged by someone else,

Each syllable holds my pain,
A quiet scream for me,

Some days it’s a pretty picture,
Some days darkness in every corner,
I smile, I cry, but you wouldn’t understand,

Am I wrong?
Can you feel this confusion?
Do you know what I’m doing?

How can you tell me I am wrong?
Acting as if you read me before,

Every new title came from a new era,
One where I felt a different feeling,

So I bleed on this, maybe you can taste it, feel me inside of you too,

I promise it’s a rush
And just like a drug,
You’ll be addicted to me too

New New

The clock strikes 12:00

That was the end of it
No more tears
Out of tries
This was the final goodbye

The clock strikes 12:00

He felt it hit
There was no stopping it!
The casket closed
Nothing to hold
He felt his body get
Awfully cold

The clock strikes 12:00

She tried to save him
With her love
But she was never strong enough
For her power didn’t even
Touch the same as his
Previous love

The clock strikes 12:00

With a grin
She feels the past begin to
Spin and spin
The last of her memory
Is draining, her heart flat and thin

The clock strikes 12:00

The window’s closed
She waits patiently
For the next story
To unfold

The clock strikes 12:00 am

New year
New her
No him

My Darkness

Falling and falling,
How far does it go?

Falling and falling,
For I’ll never know,

I’m catching myself,
But I won’t be able to stop,

For here comes the trouble,
That’s gonna make their hearts drop,

Sweet darkness,
Oh darkness,
How I missed you so,

What have you been up to?
Did you eat those souls?

Whisper, oh gentle, tell me
How their pain makes you smile ,

Sweet darkness, oh darkness
Stay for a while,

Skip, skip, skip, skip, skip,
Each time I hide it finds me,

Each time I cry a new name is added,
Darkness grows sooo much more
Stronger in absence,

So run, hide, shiver in fear,
Trouble, REAL trouble is almost here!

Fatal Goodbyes

Told you once, told you twice
Goodbye, goodbye, Mrs. nice

Was Shot down to many times

I pull the trigger once,
now you’re all gone,
All because I loved you, mr wrong

Please, please, please,
don’t leave they pled

Fire again, fire again,

I’ve come accustomed,
to watching them bleed

Cleared eye as I watch you cry,
Feelings gone, broken heart,
Now Rivers have gone all dry,

Once was a beating drum,
Cold & dark took its place,
Smiles no longer sit upon this face,
Unless of course I get a taste?

Karma is sweet cuz it’s on my side,
One day you will lose all that pride,
Come back around for another clip,
I reload and I’ll give you more of this,

You’ll never forget,
the ones before,
Never did either,

I pull these strings like a puppeteer
So listen clear, my dear

Hear the bullets, I’m aiming at your head
Long live the king, he’s gone and dead

Unleash Hell

I’m thru screaming,
Out comes the demons,
I’m tired of feeling so used,

You want to see evil,
Well I have the Devil,

In my possession,
My final fucking lesson,

Don’t break a heart of a good girl!


Strength pumps thru the blood
Of those who still love someone
That loves another,

Strength pumps thru the blood
Of those that forgive their

Strength pumps thru the blood
Of those that want the best
For their enemies,

Strength in the bravery to keep
Your heart pure in a world full of
The weak,

My veins can hardly hold my blood
For it is of iron and fire,
Stronger than the tallest giant,

because my heart is of
the purest of light,

Bright enough to light any darkness,

I know because I seen it in your eyes,

And I took this darkness from you,
so you could finally live your life,

I don’t expect a thing,
except that you keep my light inside,
For I will always protect you,
From the knight that haunts your soul,

I love you still,
I already forgave you,
and I pray you have the best life,

One that will continue to give death
A reason to hide!