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Shaky and a little unsure
But I’m just a newborn
Ready to learn
Excited and just trying to soak in all the knowledge!
What’s this world got to offer I wonder
I’m new to this again!
Ready to sink or swim
Diving in head first because I don’t know much better but no fear
Childlike, this is exactly how I like it
This world seems all brand new
A playground, there’s so much to do
Like Rugrats I take on any adventure
Climbing mountains
Swimming oceans
Walking deserts
There is no way I’m stopping
This is new to me
These eyes feel like they’re seeing the world for the first time
I’m not quite blind but not quite awake
I was reborn into a new place
Heaven, hell, earth, space?
I’m not sure but as far as I’m concerned I feel safe
Now it’s time to grow and play
Until my final day where my cycle
will finally see it’s last day
At least from this place
I will be physically reborn again
But in the new place,
Heaven, Hell, Earth, Space
Doesn’t matter as long as it’s safe!