Monster/ She Devil

Evil on my left, goodness on my right
I laugh, I cry, do you know who I am?
Probably not!

Say it, say my name!
I’ll smile or I’ll frown
Never letting you know
Whether you’re up or down

You think you had me?
Do you know for sure?
I love the game more than you
Secrets you’ll never guess

I’ve had crazier schemes
Bigger plans
undercover for years

Tears I can fake
Smiles made like cake
You don’t want a piece of me
Easy to display what I want you to see

Oh geez, joker indeed
The one that I like to please
Has always been close to me

Plan E, M, D!
Tasty treats just for me
Finger licking good
If you know what I mean!

Hell here I come,
I’ve had too much fun
Dialing my 6 for my ride home

When you find out it’ll be too late
Targets already set in place
Maybe you shouldn’t have
Bille Jeaned!!

X marks the spot
Bombs over Baghdad
Ready for war!
I’ve been waiting
Can’t wait to taste the blood spilled!!

Monsters don’t show their teeth
Not until they will strike
And I’m patient so patient
Until the very end!


Thank you, you came and I hated you
But you loved me
You loved me

You tried to tell me and I didn’t listen
Fighting to ignore you
You just kept coming back

I know I didn’t want to see
I thought you were blinding me
But you were washing away the darkness

Now I’m open and I’m free
I see the path in front of me
It’s clear skies and birds chirping

Singing happy songs as I skip along
Now when I look back and see the rain
I smile knowing how far I came

You wave from far away
Knowing all along that
I’d walk in the sun again!


Turned that pain into a drug, now I’m high all the time!
Who needs a pill, when you can get this low on your own!
Backwards, falling up then back down again! Icarus, Flew this close to the sun for fun.

What’s death when your unafraid of it?
Came close enough before, that I’ve felt my heart stop, woke up with a knowledge most don’t got.
That was enough to make this whole world seem like a game, and I’m winning

You don’t know the in or the out until your finish, and how can you argue with someone who has seen the end and the beginning?

But understand me when I say there’s a future for all of us, no need to worry about tomorrow, that’s the lie, one you could never prove

I die every night to come here to tell y’all we ain’t got nothing to lose

Fighting to keep air in your lungs, trust breathing without relying on nothing is only half the fun!

Emptiness, darkness…..ever wondered were we fed a nightmare instead of a silent slumber

Touch me, but do you feel me? I could be up in the sky looking down below, playing puppeteer for the shell you see before you!

Mind gone? Now I’m found! Illusions are all apart of the confusion, giving me reason to believe death is nothing but evolution

“Light the Way”

Everything is cool and easy
Makes me nervous
Cause I’ve come to believe
Goodness has a time limit
And my nightmare grows stronger in

Who did this?
I search in need for a blame
What a shame
How one can have eyes
And be blind

I’m grateful that I am
As powerful as I am
Because never did I know
I was walking in the dark

Walking towards my goal
Never knowing
That I held the depression
That haunted my soul

It wasn’t my teacher
Who told me I wouldn’t make
In the world on my own

It wasn’t my father
Who wasn’t around enough
To witness me grow

It wasn’t the lovers
who came around just to
Get what they wanted

It wasn’t liars
Who’s stories I believed

It wasn’t the friends
That swore they’d always be
There for me

It wasn’t the articles
Who stated facts that made no sense

To tell the truth it wasn’t anyone’s
Fault except my own
I’m Finding out freedom
Begins with independence

Oxymoron to be so blind with a set of eyes
Looking for a way to justify the way I
Treat myself Do I need help, Or was the answer always this clear?

Stop looking for a savior, sit in the dark for a minute and you’ll realize you have a map to the light
Opened my eyes and I’m on my path

Stop looking back, because you’re the only one responsible for what you bring ahead!!

So now go live, love and learn!

The One

I’m in a daze, not sure what’s up and what’s down
You seen me when I was having trouble seeing myself
You touched me like no one else
That’s why I love you farther than earth itself

We all walk looking for apart of ourselves
I felt it the moment you walked up
I didn’t care how you looked, didn’t care what you said
Your energy captivated me and took my breath away
it’s hard to know if I’m still breathing till this day

To be chosen by me is a treasure because I see beyond the two eyes we measure
I have a gift of knowing that not many know about
But you know, cuz you do too

We are the same from the same star
Bursted here from a far
Split down the middle, found my half
We countlessly find the right words to say to complete the other

Diamond and gold worthless to us
We’ll get it to make sure
This is our planet for now, gotta make the best of where we are
I’ll find you again when we are done
You are my twin, my soul, my one

Lone Wolf

She’s had a pack
Thought they had her back
Couldn’t have been more wrong
So I sing this song

Howling towards the moon
Howling towards the moon

I showed my teeth, wounded
I bite back, cuz I’m injured
Still wild at heart so
Understand I can’t stay
But I’ll always pray
To have my pack one day

Howling towards the moon
Howling towards the moon

Just walking stars above my head
Holes in my heart
But a beast still
Wolves howl when they are alone
So I sing my song

Howling towards the moon
Howling towards the moon

365 (My circle)

Holding on causes so much grief
Letting go doesn’t seem to come
Any easier either when it’s something
You’d rather keep

But slowly I give into me
Learning my growth comes with defeat
Pride learnt from the weak
You must establish a
Reactor of a beast

I fall I get up
Multiply my repeats
Everytime gaining pressure
To Cause a diamond to Combust
I’m no where near complete

You haven’t seen the finished me
I grow, and grow
Avoiding all the locks
Cuz They don’t fit my key

I’m somewhere on the outside of me
Creating a safe haven for where the
Blessed will come to see
As the heaven they constantly prayed for
The place I cherish will also devour me

This is my last repeat, after this they can be no me
I’m doomed to live somewhere far away
But giving you love each and everyday!
Let my spirit take you away!

One day at a time I repeat,
One day!
From this circle I will be released
And finally, finally I’ll defeat the beast!