A happy unhappy ending

Whose fault?
Questions from a broken heart
And how do you mend the scars
Unseen by the eyes that witnessed
The very acts that caused them

The taste of revenge only lasted
O so long before it was bitter regret
I fell to the ground and knew you’d be
Around to help me stand back up again

Sweet nothings, I devoured, you plucked
My flower and then blindness swept
Across the fairytale once again

How amazing to think that you had me
And I was lucky enough to catch the real you
At the fall of the veil
You weren’t a handsome prince at all More of a toad full of warts

This didn’t make me fear you and it should’ve maybe
I guess I was the princess that couldn’t and
Even knowing that I shouldn’t, I did
But Shaming me, never your job

I just wanted a happy ending could you
Blame me
It certainly seems that way now
Doesn’t it baby?

So I became the knight needed to
Rescue me
I fight off your smiles, your kisses
And your memories!

Reminding myself that I’m doing this
Not for you but for me
Because I’m my own king in this
Here Love story!


Shaky and a little unsure
But I’m just a newborn
Ready to learn
Excited and just trying to soak in all the knowledge!
What’s this world got to offer I wonder
I’m new to this again!
Ready to sink or swim
Diving in head first because I don’t know much better but no fear
Childlike, this is exactly how I like it
This world seems all brand new
A playground, there’s so much to do
Like Rugrats I take on any adventure
Climbing mountains
Swimming oceans
Walking deserts
There is no way I’m stopping
This is new to me
These eyes feel like they’re seeing the world for the first time
I’m not quite blind but not quite awake
I was reborn into a new place
Heaven, hell, earth, space?
I’m not sure but as far as I’m concerned I feel safe
Now it’s time to grow and play
Until my final day where my cycle
will finally see it’s last day
At least from this place
I will be physically reborn again
But in the new place,
Heaven, Hell, Earth, Space
Doesn’t matter as long as it’s safe!

Dear Death

Death don’t take me just yet,
I know we made a commitment
But you deserve the best
My life can get

You deserve more smiles
Less sorrows
Bigger and brighter tomorrows
Less tears more cheers
Possibly a few beers

You deserve mountains and stars
Driving in fast and safe cars
You deserve rain, and sun
You deserve a life of fun!

So I beg you death, don’t come just yet
Give me a chance to show you
A life of freedom peace and love
A life you’ll never forget!

Broken Queen

Broken Queen don’t cry
I know it hurts inside
But keep your head up
Hide it all with pride

They don’t understand so they damage you
But it’s important to always fix that crown
Frown not
Smile strong
Keep on moving, moving on

If they can’t follow it’s not your fault
Wings, feathers put together with broken hearts
Carefree hardly, but you try to be
Sitting on your throne so unconsciously

Why aren’t you deserving of passion
Heart so full but filled with disappointment
Holding on to something with so much confusion

Bruising ego

Cross that line that pretty thin area
Maybe what you need is on the other side
Thin line
Thin line
I really don’t wanna cross it this time

Dear king, I’m fighting for this kingdom
Tell me you are too
Please don’t break the pedestal
Find it, don’t hide

Beauty you are strong
Diamonds shine
Shine and shine
What a oxymoron
For how I feel on the inside

You can find your way back don’t quit
Remember your a queen, and royalty can get thru this
Take the seed for this dream and hold on to it
Plant it in the bed, deep in that beautiful head
Forget all the sorrow
So you can sit on that throne tomorrow


Ain’t no need to fear me
When I love you
I told you
But just like the single Mother
I’m also the father
Giving my kids beatings
To teach them lessons
It hurts me sometimes
To take away your blessings
But you understand when
You understand
I need you all to be your bestest
This next life
Is shining in a new light
We are here to bring
In new life
I’m slow to the punch but that’s cuz I’m
New new
I’m just loving all the demons
And treating them as if they were
Once the spirits that didn’t know
That one day they would meet
Such a soul
That carried both the good and the bad
But she knew more than that
Because she controlled the entirety
She got this world where it was
Meant to be
Waiting for a savior
And guess what
That savior is me!

For My Guest….

Welcome guest to my space
You may sit and have a taste
I enjoy you, you enjoy me
As energy flows naturally

Out comes the laughs
Here comes the cries
We still got our space
No time for goodbyes

Find that balance once again
My friend,
We share this space, together
Always respecting one another

Moments come and they pass
We reflect on moments
So they might forever last

Slowly but surely the space grows crowded
It once was a balance now it’s not
I’m sorry to say, you’ve overstayed,
Your stay,
Please see the exit right away

Door wide open, you walk on through
I slowly close the door behind you

Now this time is quiet it’s peaceful
But lonesome,
So I just wait and wait
Till the day
I hear the knock, the one I’ve been waiting
On a lot
But it’ll be my choice, it always will be

To open that door and let in your energy
Have you try, to enjoy this space
Give you another taste
Hoping this time we remain in balance
And never ends
So I can keep the door open
And throw these keys to the wind!!

Dear Mother!

God is just a provider right
Well, look around
Everything we got came from the ground!

You stop to think about it
All you’ll say is wow!

Been abusing the only mother
Who Birthed us
But she don’t settle down

Feel her right? She’s moving around
Trying hard to provide the next things
For her child

Somehow she put me here to see her
Explain her story

Wipe your eyes
Open them up
And surprise

Better late than never
To change your lives
Before you take
How about you think twice


Life is such a precious gift

Thank you momma