Answer Me

Here I sit, trying to come up with another spell

One that will put you under mine

When will I come to terms with my crystal clear obsession

I’m having a hard time focusing on anything else

It’s exhausting, being this in love

I honestly just want an answer to the question in the back of my mind

Is this a sure thing or not?

So what is it darling?

Am I free or am I not?

I know a part of you will never tell, I just hope you aren’t satisfied with me in hell

Constantly replaying our ups and downs in my memories

What does it all mean?

because the highs were so high and the lows were some of the lowest in my entire life

I fight insanity, but crave it at the same time

Best believe I’m broken

And I’d love to say it took two but I’m more certain it was either me or you

so it took me three years to see that, we’re either better together or fully apart

No ties

No regrets

Just erase me and I’ll erase you

But seeing as I don’t know my answer

I’ve painfully asked you to fill in the blank for us both


Answer me!

Love Language

Just a whisper

A silent melody

My heart flutters at the sight of you

It’s sad that it took me longer than fate

to see what has been gifted to us


In it’s purest form

You touch me

I melt like butter outside during May

In Florida

The same place I found you

Or you found me

Either way, fate

Finding heaven on Earth is dangerous

Cuz we run the risk of somebody

Trying their best to destroy it

When I fantasize I picture your face

But more specific are your eyes

I see my soul trapped in them

It no longer frightens me

I’m more intrigued

How did you manage to get so much

Of me

I hope that I carry some part of you too

I feel it inside my being that we have

A hidden language

Deep within your desires

Your wishes

Your dreams

I am there

Like a whisper

A silent melody

Singing I love you


Fighting Words

I suggest you muzzle your bitch
Before I flip the switch
And show y’all who you really dealing

This was my plan
Give some helpless trick
My man
She better understand that I can
Pull the rug on her fragile small world

Disrespecting your elders
Shows how sorry you truly are
I’m not one for many words
When I’m better at leaving scars

Ask the man that I gave to you
How far is really far
He seen the monsters standing next to me
So lose the ego hoe

I’m not afraid of a female who can’t
Even hide her desperation
You needed him so bad you was willing to
Leave a trail of bodies

I don’t respect a woman that relies on men for everything
I’m more for sisterhood giving my woman
Power because we already know what men can do
You believe in the worst part of yourself so much you got it hanging out in the open

Except he prefers the woman that I am
You must really know this
That’s why you hold him so close

But I’m good, keep playing games
I’m forgiving you, letting you go,
Because what matters to me more than anyone, is my soul

Bye Bye Bitch

Maybe I’m tripping

I thought you wanted to make a killing

Had me on standby with the oozie

Thought you was In the kitchen frying chicken

What happened to forever

What about them plans to have some children

You really gonna throw this love away

Alright don’t come looking for me in the ending

If this what you want, be prepared to be the villian

You lied and I ain’t even mad at Cha

You fell in another bitch pussy and came out with no hat dawg

That’s means you headless, goodluck

On getting bread bitch

Thought you was the man but now I can tell you was just a thot chick

Like I said I let it go, shit focused on the money

Like aiming down the sights to kill your hoe, trick

I’m just joking you hardly worth the bullet I’d have to load in

You came, I left, you wanted more, I stayed,

Just so you could try to play me like you was already getting played

Then you ran so motherfucking far away

Cuz you know when I catch you, your ass ain’t gonna have shit to say

So we’ll play but I’m staring at your face and now you wishing this was a game

So you could hit reset and forget you messed with me cuz you know I’m the best You ever had

Falling apart, running from the truth, I’m dying laughing at you

You thought you had me but I always had you

I got you running trains on a bitch choo choo

All just to forget my name boo hoo

Next time you come for me remember I carry that 9 2!

Dear Guardian

Thank you for showing me,

Thank you for guiding me,

Thank you for coming this far,

Thank you for giving me this love,

Thanks for not letting go,

Thank you for just holding on,

Thanks for being patient with me,

Thank you for healing me,

Thank you for being you,

Thank you for pulling me through,

Thank you for blessing me,

Thank you for keeping me safe,

Thank you for taking this pace,

Thank you for coming to my space,

I know who I’m supposed to be now,

I don’t know why you believe in me but I don’t care,

If you believe in me I can’t let you down,

I’m glad you were there,

I can let you go now, I got it from here!

Jasmines’ Bloom

And then she rose

Like a flower out of concrete

And she bloomed

Opening all parts of herself

and then she shined

Like brighter than the sun

And then she glowed

Like the moon at night

She became that

Which she never was before

deep, fully within herself


A Breathtaking character

One too beautiful for the world

But yet she stood there

Feet on the earth

In a sparkling outline

Finally her true form

For all of the world to observe

She blossomed

Too Far

I can no longer picture your face

Memories of us seemed to be erased

I try my best to keep you near

But maybe we’ve gone too far

I forgot why we split

Do you know the exact reason why?

I’m sure it was a disagreement

but I can’t recall what it was

How did we get this far

This far apart

I used to dream of you

Now someone took your place

It’s left me uncomfortable

I haven’t been able to sleep

Just how did we get this far from

One another

We used to have each other

Now we each have somebody else

And I understand this is what happens

When two people break up

But do you ever think we made a mistake

The farther I get the more I just

Don’t feel the same

Like love has become mundane

You were my spark

My light

My flame

So maybe we took it too far

Everyone told us something to make us

Believe that we weren’t meant to be

So we fell apart

Took it too far

I’m starting to forget who you are