Love is in the Air!

I’m what fills your lungs!


You don’t always notice I’m around,

But I never leave!

Breath me,

Feel me,

Love is always in me!

I’m the god you seek,

Just listen to the whisper,

The whisper of the wind!

I’m speaking right to you!

Can you hear me calling you,

Let me in!

Fourth Dream!

My dreams tend to always be my escapades!
While I row the boat looking for the
rope to pull myself out, escape!

I feel like it’s slipping away,
I’m reaching, grabbing the reigns
No one, no one,
Will ever make me let go again!

My dreams are what I make,
And if you asked me,
Breathtaking, is what I’d say!

I’m in motion, floating on the ocean,
Waves keep on coming and going,
I keep the oars in,
No longer fearing the storm!

Been thru the eye,
came out the other side,
Three times!

What’s next I imagine,
Nothing but greatness,
Fourth storm won’t be a
Storm at all, it’s my actual


They killing themselves,
Facelift, Botox, boob jobs and ass shots!

Dresses that show,
Everything, the doctor worked on!

Baby girl, you ain’t the first
With Boobs, an ass and a pussy!

I pulled your man wearing
Jeans, sneakers, and a hoodie!

Dressing to impress,
Only to really, be making an impression,
That you think you’re clever!

I still see your depression!

And you can’t cure it at the bottom of that glass full of liquor,

It won’t even be gone when you wake up next to that random nigga!

I been there before,
I’m telling you that your own heart
Is trying so desperately to stop it!

You’re crying out for help,
But everyone can’t seem to spot it!

Well, sweetie I’m telling you,
I can see you!

Inside this shell of a disaster,
You created,
Is a gift worth cherishing,
One purely outdated!

See, you are your own cure baby,
To all the pain you are suffering from!

Look within to find that love,
Once you do, you’ll see yourself! J

The Three Egos

If I told you the truth,
You may find it odd,

But if I lied to protect you,
Then I’d come out looking
Like the bad guy!

See there is no win,
there is no lose,
On this game board, you
Decided to choose!

But I have a back entrance,
Or exit!
Snuck out my piece,
Replaced it with a duplicate!

You think you got the best of me,
Which best of me would you
Be referring to?

The best of me is three,

I play bad, worst of all,

But good girl would make every
Angel fall!

And then there is my ego,

You see, when you say best of me,
I’m not sure what you mean!

Cuz I’m more than one,
I’m more than three,

I have so many different mask,
It’s hard to decide who I want to be!

But that’s just me,

I found the darkness wasn’t so dark, as it should be,

The sun couldn’t outshine me, just wait and see,

One day you’ll all get a taste of every me!

My Self Love

I love you,
You know it!
Why do I have to say it,
When I know you,
I’d rather show you!

You are the first person,
I’ve felt like this for!

Not the butterflies,
No, I have had that before!

Not the way you make me think
About you more and more!

Not the way you make,
Tears flow non-stop from my eyes!

Not the way I can forgive you,
Every single time!

I’ve felt that all before,
Rest assure,
You are beyond this,
You mean so much more,
Because when the others made me
Fall in and out of love with them,
You happened to be my one
And only truest friend!

You didn’t just make me fall in love with You, instead you saved me,
You taught me being in love
Was letting go, trusting you!

Finding myself was the real
Truth, and now that I have
I realized no one ever loved
Me more than I do!

Times Change & People Do Two!

Goodbye, to the Girl you used to know!
This was her last show,
Now she’s off to the unknown,
A party for her waiting back at home!

Nothing was the same,
Trouble took her place,
Now that she’s off to a higher state,
I’ll be her again one day,
Until then she needs her space!

Her and Egypt reunited again,
I’ll miss her cause she was my closest
Until we meet again,
I’ll be starting back from the beginning!

Love is Just a Thought Away…..

What’s wrong with rainbows?
What’s wrong with butterflies?
What’s wrong with sunny skies?

I just want to live in a world where
There is no hate,
A world that seems entirely fake!
Maybe, if more people wanted the
World this way,
We’d all see the world turn into
A better place!

Love is just a thought away,
Letting go of anger, right away!
Forgiving someone for messing up!
Not staying down on your luck!

The negative energy is being fed,
That’s how come it’s attacking everyone’s head!
Learn to find the beauty in every ugly spot!
Deep inside, everyone wants a place that’s safe!
Don’t find comfort in the dark,
Come out and shine!
I promise you no matter what,
You will always be absolutely fine!

It’s a life worth living when
There is no more fears,
Only love glowing from ear to ear,
Crying out love,
Joyful tears,
Fill each cup,
with grateful cheers!

Love is the biggest threat of them all,
To whomever wants to see us fall!