Once again

I come to the end of my rope


No one can hear my cries for help

I slowly lose sight of life

Not a day goes by that I can say I’ll miss

Where did I go wrong

This dark road I’m walking on

Seems like I’m all the way gone

Why must death take this long

Bitter not sweet memories

what sick madness does it mean

I just want the sadness to end

Not to roll over with me

In the end

There is a light I see

Often when I dream

Hard to believe if it’s true

But that dream is you

You give me hope

When I see none

You help me fight

When I feel like the fight is done

so I rise back on my feet

This life is not quite a defeat

As long as you’re with me

Can this be a toxic

Or a fairy tale

Only thing I know is life doesn’t

Seem so cold

When I dream of you

When I know you care about me too


Life doesn’t seem so hard

When you’re by my side

In fact you’re what makes me feel


Just Try

Sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration

Sometimes it’s easy to find excuses

I still try to make it right

Sometimes it’s hard to find good feelings

Sometimes it’s easier to find medications

I still try to get right

Sometimes it’s hard to find the good in others

Sometimes it’s easier to exclude myself

but I still try to do the right thing

Falling into a stage of despair

Is often easier than finding your way out

And I always try

Dear Crush

What are you so afraid of love

I said I got a crush and you take it as I’m tryna rush

Don’t mistake my play play with love

It takes me a while to fall for one

I just enjoy the process because it’s fun

But I trust you as long as you trust me

let’s have a relationship that’s wild and free

No ties if that’s what you want then let it be

I’m sure I could be the girl for you and you be the man for me

Let’s play it by ear and we can wait to see

First Performance

I’m shy

Opening up my wings for the first time

It’s a thrill

It’s a crazy ride

Please be gentle

As I grab the mic

I may stutter

I may have stage fright

Lord please just let my

Words flow right

May they hit you

Like you didn’t know I

Could hold the pen

This tight

Let you feel it all

Like it’s cold as ice

I want you to know

I came here to set a mood

Make you feel real nice

I hope I make it look easy

Yeah easy

Like cooked rice

Once I leave the stage I want

To let my words linger

Linger like all night

So you’ll remember me

Tomorrow, next week

For the rest of your life

This is what I call

Being alive

Beautifully Scared

Pretty lips

Beautiful face

Wide hips

You’d never think

She is lonely

And misses somebody

You’d never know

She cries herself to sleep

And when I say cry

What I really mean is


Sweet to everyone

Soft voice

Smile so big

pearly white teeth

You’d never know

She thought about

Killing herself this week

Big brown eyes

They scream save me

But you’re to blind to see

She feels lost

But she hides it

So well

You wouldn’t think

This girl suffers

So deep

glowing skin

Outrageous curves

Hair done

Nails done

Her pain

Goes unheard


I say fuck alot


How the fuck

Why the fuck

I want to fuck

Shut the fuck up

How is it not feminine to use this kinda language

When both fuck and female

Start with “F”

I don’t give a fuck

Fuck is a noun



And thing

In my dictionary

Spoken softly

With Grace

Or loudly with passion

My fuck

Is my friend

Giving me comfort

Invites all it’s other friends

Like shit, hell, cunt, ass

My profanity may suprise you

I’m ready to drop an f bomb

At any giving moment

Because only truth leaves this lips

And you think I don’t know

Anything or my vocabulary is in short supply

Once again I scream

FUCK you

You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about

fuck can lively up any sentence anywhere

Where art thou fucking Juliet


Doesn’t give a fuck

How you fucking see it

Fuck is here to fucking stay

Good Guy

It feels good to have something healthy

You want me as much as I want you

It seems small but on the scales

This is big for me

I finally feel happy too

I found a friend, a lover and partner

Buy one get three

I mean you’re such a good guy

I feel like I did better this time

I got you, you got me

You make me feel like a new woman

Brave, wild and free

You’re like the perfect man for me