Give it Time

Maybe your life seems dark and gloomy

But give it time

The sun will shine brighter after a rainy day

You may not be where you want to be

Give it time

You growing into the person you’re supposed to be

Maybe you lost someone recently

Give it time

Love grows stronger in their absence

Maybe you haven’t found the one you want to be with

Give it time

You might be the reason someone decides to live again

Time is just a circle

We live in

where there is gloom and doom

There is also love and bliss

On Water

If I could find the right words to say to express how I’m feeling I would

But I’ve noticed more and more that when tragedy strikes we become speechless

Like a body floating on water


Not knowing the difference between drowning or breathing

Feeling heavy but staying so light

Apart of you wants it to end and the other part of you feels good submerged under the water


knowing one wrong shift could bring you to an endless abyss

So you lay there on water not knowing what to do


breathing but in a way still drowning

Dying Wish

My dying wish is maybe you’ll remember

What we are

Maybe you will see that you were made for me

I don’t know about you but I know about me

And me hasn’t been the same without you

My laugh has change

My walk

My smile

My talk hasn’t been the same

I even wrote different when I was with you

It makes me wonder if you’ve change too

How could something so magical

Be over for good

Somewhere in my heart

I pray that you will find this and know I’m talking about you

Maybe just maybe

You may make my dream come true

Until then I live a life

That’s sad and blue

Grant me this wish before

It’s too late

Never too soon

I’m here waiting

Waiting for the sun to collide with the moon

Far apart they don’t shine

As bright as they could

I love you

And still think of you

My dying wish is that you love me too

Cry for Help

I’m crying out for a sign

A simple little sign

That you miss me

That you think of me too

Scratch that

I need the bat symbol

Put it on the net

Show me you love me

And show me that shit now

If you miss me

You know you can call

And if I don’t answer

Leave me a message

Telling me it all

Tell me that you love me

Just like I love you

Tell me that you miss me

Like the Sun misses the moon

Tell me that you need me

Tell me

Tell me

I need to know you care still

Because I can hardly feel

Help me believe in love again

Lately I’ve been so down

I don’t feel like myself

I need your love

To wake me from this spell

If this message reaches you

Know that I wish you well

Read these words I wrote

And know without you

I’m in hell


Once again

I come to the end of my rope


No one can hear my cries for help

I slowly lose sight of life

Not a day goes by that I can say I’ll miss

Where did I go wrong

This dark road I’m walking on

Seems like I’m all the way gone

Why must death take this long

Bitter not sweet memories

what sick madness does it mean

I just want the sadness to end

Not to roll over with me

In the end

There is a light I see

Often when I dream

Hard to believe if it’s true

But that dream is you

You give me hope

When I see none

You help me fight

When I feel like the fight is done

so I rise back on my feet

This life is not quite a defeat

As long as you’re with me

Can this be a toxic

Or a fairy tale

Only thing I know is life doesn’t

Seem so cold

When I dream of you

When I know you care about me too


Life doesn’t seem so hard

When you’re by my side

In fact you’re what makes me feel


Just Try

Sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration

Sometimes it’s easy to find excuses

I still try to make it right

Sometimes it’s hard to find good feelings

Sometimes it’s easier to find medications

I still try to get right

Sometimes it’s hard to find the good in others

Sometimes it’s easier to exclude myself

but I still try to do the right thing

Falling into a stage of despair

Is often easier than finding your way out

And I always try

Dear Crush

What are you so afraid of love

I said I got a crush and you take it as I’m tryna rush

Don’t mistake my play play with love

It takes me a while to fall for one

I just enjoy the process because it’s fun

But I trust you as long as you trust me

let’s have a relationship that’s wild and free

No ties if that’s what you want then let it be

I’m sure I could be the girl for you and you be the man for me

Let’s play it by ear and we can wait to see