Double Ended

I’m constantly on the fence of being saved or do I wanna die one more time,
I remember a time where it wasn’t even a thought in my mind, but somehow, some way I got control of this decision,
it became something only I have the power to decide,

it started a giant war within me because I’m always stuck in the middle,
looking left and looking right,
knowing either path I pick won’t be exactly what I want,

but the walls are closing in and the sands of time are falling down,
and the one I used to pray too is not here right now,
so I look at my feet,
the ones that have gotten me this far,
I close my eyes and take a step.

Is this really the end?

She died!

What happened?
Where did she go?
Why haven’t I seen her?

These are the questions,
the ones you’ll ask
when you look for the same
person that you took
advantage of,

the ONE you used and abused,
the ONE you only called for
when you needed something,
never just to check and see how
she was doing,
never just to hang with her,

you needed attention,
you needed money,
you needed love,
you needed a body,
you needed to feel better,

so you used her,

she found out,

so she killed herself,

the girl you’re looking for,

she died!

Made it Home Safe!

She wound up the throw,
pitched it so good,
I headed off towards home,

the ball was moving so fast,
but not like my feet,
knowing that if I didn’t make it,
I’d have to claim defeat,

it was a great game, and
I had lots of fun,
but I took a slide straight into home plate,
it seemed like the same exact time they caught the ball,

so we waited to see,
the umpire looked at me,
and with much enthusiasm,
screamed I was safe,
throwing out his arms
confirming that I was home

it feels good to know,
I saved my whole team,
now we can continue
to spread love,
think for ourselves,
but most importantly,

we will always live free!

My Tongue!

My tongue is my most deadliest weapon,
my tongue has split people in half,
causing them to lose who they were, before they met me,

my tongue is like a super drug,
giving every vain person the right words for an ultimate high,

my tongue is like a bomb,
causing explosions in others,
blowing up their heads,

my tongue is just a serpent,
spewing more deceit, getting people to be hypnotized to me,

my tongue is my enemy,
saying it hates me,
telling me poisonous things and whispering that I should kill myself,

my tongue is also the antidote,
crying out for help,
trying to let people know how bad it feels,

my tongue is a mirror,
turning everything around, and seeing it’s to blame and no one else,

my tongue is sorry,
my tongue seeks forgiveness,
my tongue feels hopeful,

my tongue is a bridge,
trying to build trust again,
without my tongue I could never say I love you,
and thank you for giving me another chance!

Moon & Sun

Everything’s so neat,
like kisses on my cheek,
my new man’s so sweet,

I be trying to rush,
he’s telling me, wait another week,
I’m mad intrigued,
it’s hard to sweep me off my feet,

yet, he came to clear my mind,
of all the boys, I used to call mine,
mama don’t worry, I got me
a keeper, this time,

he wants to go so slow,
make it last,
good morning text, every morning,
blast from the past,

so extinct,
the man I thought was meant for me,
but you showed up,
timing it oh so perfectly,

he lifts me up,
I hold him down,
moon and sun,
we wear our crowns,
ain’t no one gonna stop us now!

Russian Roulette

One round in the chamber,
Who dares to pull the trigger,

I can play this game all day,
I know I won’t bite the bullet,

Too cold for the hot seat,
But I’m begging for you to try me,

Back and forth, but somehow,
I always come back clean,

Bet you wonder how long can I
Survive this,

Keep testing the gun and we will

It’s not my first game of
Russian roulette,

And last time I checked
I’m bullet-free!


Well we made it, but I don’t know,

not much here, to call it home,

feels likes I’m better off alone,

but I give it a chance, because

fairness runs in my blood,

I’m willing to try, because

trying new things, is always fun!

We been thru the worst before

so, we know if push comes to shove

where we could go,

but I have faith now,

so hold me tight and never let go,

I will show them all,

I’m more than capable,

to keep my growth,

and not be all alone,

sacrifices were made, just so I

wouldn’t back track,

Because I cried my tears,

I faced my fears,

And now my love has come back,

On to the new stage,

we made it thru babe,

can’t wait to see what happens next,

our story is sooo far from over!