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365 (My circle)

Holding on causes so much grief
Letting go doesn’t seem to come
Any easier either when it’s something
You’d rather keep

But slowly I give into me
Learning my growth comes with defeat
Pride learnt from the weak
You must establish a
Reactor of a beast

I fall I get up
Multiply my repeats
Everytime gaining pressure
To Cause a diamond to Combust
I’m no where near complete

You haven’t seen the finished me
I grow, and grow
Avoiding all the locks
Cuz They don’t fit my key

I’m somewhere on the outside of me
Creating a safe haven for where the
Blessed will come to see
As the heaven they constantly prayed for
The place I cherish will also devour me

This is my last repeat, after this they can be no me
I’m doomed to live somewhere far away
But giving you love each and everyday!
Let my spirit take you away!

One day at a time I repeat,
One day!
From this circle I will be released
And finally, finally I’ll defeat the beast!

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