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Monster/ She Devil

Evil on my left, goodness on my right
I laugh, I cry, do you know who I am?
Probably not!

Say it, say my name!
I’ll smile or I’ll frown
Never letting you know
Whether you’re up or down

You think you had me?
Do you know for sure?
I love the game more than you
Secrets you’ll never guess

I’ve had crazier schemes
Bigger plans
undercover for years

Tears I can fake
Smiles made like cake
You don’t want a piece of me
Easy to display what I want you to see

Oh geez, joker indeed
The one that I like to please
Has always been close to me

Plan E, M, D!
Tasty treats just for me
Finger licking good
If you know what I mean!

Hell here I come,
I’ve had too much fun
Dialing my 6 for my ride home

When you find out it’ll be too late
Targets already set in place
Maybe you shouldn’t have
Bille Jeaned!!

X marks the spot
Bombs over Baghdad
Ready for war!
I’ve been waiting
Can’t wait to taste the blood spilled!!

Monsters don’t show their teeth
Not until they will strike
And I’m patient so patient
Until the very end!

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