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King of the Jungle!

“Let me borrow you”
This part of my journey is awfully tough
“But, what do you mean”
“I never left”

Scratching her head
then lowering her tone
Getting caught meant
Her talking on her own

Now she was whispering to herself
Like the person in her head
Was someone else

“But isn’t though”
Too loud
Once again
She caught herself
Now back in my head I go

Mental illness they call this
But insanity
I think not

More control over myself
Than the doc
Prescribing the meds
to shut me up!

“No way!”
Voices scream in protest
Could it be possible
I’m really being my true self

“What’s wrong with me?”
Says another but quiet in fact
“I know who you are?”
A different one answers back

But they are best and worst company
I smile because it used to make me sad
Running around thinking “you’re going mad”

But no I wasn’t
Really I’m not
I simply have the same cases
Everyone’s got

Except I struggle a lot
Finding my OWN voice wasn’t
As easy as I THOUGHT!

Cuz sometimes I say I’m
Beautiful in this dress
Other voices make me believe
I won’t get out of bed

A giant war for a throne
All happening inside my own head
I smile like a fool
A single tear shed

Till that one day
Out came this roar
From the shadows
A hero, a savior, a brave voice

Who was this unknown
Well this mystery was me
I learned to distinguish one voice from the
So now they cannot fight with one another

Peace and harmony reside when
only one sits on the throne
Who knew that inside me
There lived a king all along!

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