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Do You Know How Special You Are?

Do you know
How far I’d go
Just to see you’re
Beautiful grin?

Do you know much I’d
Cry if I never saw it ever

Do you know how much
It would hurt
To never hold you in
My arms?

Do you know I never sleep
The nights that you are

Do you know how high
I’d climb just to reach
Your heart?

Do you know all the walls
I’d break that we’re keeping
Us apart?

Do you know the places I’d
Go just to bring you your favorite

Do you know I’d travel back in time
Just So you could be my first kiss?

Do you know there once was a time I didn’t even know your name?

Do you know that since the day you told me, my life was never the same?

Do you know how special you are;
Because to me you’re worth a lot?

Do you know that if you ever forget
I’ll repeat this to you, from the top?

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