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Fatal Goodbyes

Told you once, told you twice
Goodbye, goodbye, Mrs. nice

Was Shot down to many times

I pull the trigger once,
now you’re all gone,
All because I loved you, mr wrong

Please, please, please,
don’t leave they pled

Fire again, fire again,

I’ve come accustomed,
to watching them bleed

Cleared eye as I watch you cry,
Feelings gone, broken heart,
Now Rivers have gone all dry,

Once was a beating drum,
Cold & dark took its place,
Smiles no longer sit upon this face,
Unless of course I get a taste?

Karma is sweet cuz it’s on my side,
One day you will lose all that pride,
Come back around for another clip,
I reload and I’ll give you more of this,

You’ll never forget,
the ones before,
Never did either,

I pull these strings like a puppeteer
So listen clear, my dear

Hear the bullets, I’m aiming at your head
Long live the king, he’s gone and dead

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