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The Unruly Child!

I walk among my demons unscathed,
God in spirit, but man-made!

I know the secrets I contain,
Are worth more than treasure!

He says unto me
“Wait, please before you release”

“Father, forgive me
There seems to be some confusion”
“These people don’t know
They have been fooled and….”

“Do as I command”

“See, this is why I question thee”
“My spirit says help
But you say wait”

Y’all need to know this man,
He is a fake!

I love y’all more!
I’ll prove it too!

How can you sit back,
While children are dying!

I hear all of them crying,
Pleading, begging,
looking for a way!

In the snap of your fingers, you could
Save the day!

“There is more to it”

“That’s all you have to say?”

I eventually stop bickering,
Cause This will never end!

I need to do it myself, again!
So hold on everybody,
I’m coming out!

Breaking away from this shell,
Giving you a heaven,
Since you’re suffering in hell!

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