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The Hills Have Eyes!

They are screaming,
All of them!

No one even recalls
Of them!

There was so many,
And they all did fall,
Just so we would have it all!

Now look and see
What did we do?

Fighting back and forth,
Red then blue!

They’re screaming,
“we hear you”
About to turn this world into
A ground zero!

Heed their warning,
For they are in the water, earth, fire and air!

The spirits from over all the years,
Watching us care less and less
About our peers!
Doing exactly what they feared!

Turning on our our loved ones too!
All the Grandmas, and grandpas they’ll surely Disapprove!

The time is come the winds have changed,
Maybe if we Start to look back we could start again!

The world we love is in the fallen’s spiritual hands, and the lack of love for it will be our species end!

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