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Life’s Battles

Up then down,
Round and round!

This ride is the ultimate high,
Why would anyone Want to escape it?

Constantly, under pressure
But I fight all the darkness back!
Made my light shine through,
I smile now and laugh!

If only y’all could know my past,
But I’m smart, I know this feeling
Doesn’t always last!

So I slow crash into a few moments
Of disaster!
My heart holds on while my brain,
Struggles to sweep up the broken glass!

You see it’s a war between the
Negative and positive energy!

Often times I can fight it off,
Other times it’s got its claws in me,
And I need to find a way to release!
But, I hold it if need be, until
I gain my victory!

They think they got a hold on me,
Head towards my heart and you will see!

There is no fucking controlling me,
I fight off darkness in my sleep!

The war isn’t over and I may lose a battle now and then, but I’ll win this war at the very end!

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