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Dreams vs Reality

I’m lost in my dreams,
Where I constantly fight

See, in reality I’m not
Who I dreamed I’d be!

And of course,
I make mistakes,
I’m not a perfect person,
But I love to plan it that way!

Why strive for less than what you
Ought to be?
And I want to be perfect,
I want to save the world,
I want to be the hero,
I dreamed of,
When I was a little girl!

Don’t we all just want a place that’s safe?
No more worries,
A place where stress and fears
Just fade away!

I seen this place,
I made this place,
I hope I will….


I KNOW I will,
take you all with me someday!

Off into my dreams again…..

I fly,

up, up, and away!

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