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Lost to the Ocean!

The way your tongue,
complimented your lips,
The way your voice,
Sent vibrations, in-between my thighs,
I lost so many thoughts,
Looking into your eyes!

The way your touch made me
lose my breath,
And to feel how hard my heart beat
Out my chest!

I knew it wouldn’t be long,
Before I would get you,
Before I allowed you to do,
What you wanted to!

Skin to skin,
I let you in,
The thrust followed by my moans,
Would’ve been enough to turn,
Anyone on!

You glide in and out,
Cause I swear my body was crying out,
The pressure closed in,
Well endowed!

I didn’t care the consequences
Of pleasure,
Ruining every 800 thread count
We could measure!

When I gave in,
You made it rain,
You make it pour,
I knew I would want it again,
But we both needed a break!

Once I tried to walked away,
Let me know it was our biggest mistake,
Now we were chained,
Cuffed by the hips,
I felt your lust for me and you knew it!

I could feel nothing but waves,
Crashing for days!
You refused the shore,
Always begging for more,
Drowning into me,
Slowly we lost our grip of reality,
We fell in love with the sea,
Drowning for all eternity!

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