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Love is Just a Thought Away…..

What’s wrong with rainbows?
What’s wrong with butterflies?
What’s wrong with sunny skies?

I just want to live in a world where
There is no hate,
A world that seems entirely fake!
Maybe, if more people wanted the
World this way,
We’d all see the world turn into
A better place!

Love is just a thought away,
Letting go of anger, right away!
Forgiving someone for messing up!
Not staying down on your luck!

The negative energy is being fed,
That’s how come it’s attacking everyone’s head!
Learn to find the beauty in every ugly spot!
Deep inside, everyone wants a place that’s safe!
Don’t find comfort in the dark,
Come out and shine!
I promise you no matter what,
You will always be absolutely fine!

It’s a life worth living when
There is no more fears,
Only love glowing from ear to ear,
Crying out love,
Joyful tears,
Fill each cup,
with grateful cheers!

Love is the biggest threat of them all,
To whomever wants to see us fall!

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