My Tongue!

My tongue is my most deadliest weapon,
my tongue has split people in half,
causing them to lose who they were, before they met me,

my tongue is like a super drug,
giving every vain person the right words for an ultimate high,

my tongue is like a bomb,
causing explosions in others,
blowing up their heads,

my tongue is just a serpent,
spewing more deceit, getting people to be hypnotized to me,

my tongue is my enemy,
saying it hates me,
telling me poisonous things and whispering that I should kill myself,

my tongue is also the antidote,
crying out for help,
trying to let people know how bad it feels,

my tongue is a mirror,
turning everything around, and seeing it’s to blame and no one else,

my tongue is sorry,
my tongue seeks forgiveness,
my tongue feels hopeful,

my tongue is a bridge,
trying to build trust again,
without my tongue I could never say I love you,
and thank you for giving me another chance!

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