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I Can’t Make this Up!

Who told you those were flaws?

Who filled your head with whispers of beauty that’s in a bottle?

Painting your face like Mona Lisa, please smile, nothing wrong with crookedness!

I don’t like this perfect imagine that they keep feeding me, magazines full of snacks!

Do this and that, don’t get too fat, fill in the thigh gap, and my favorite one, how to hide your scars!

What has this world become when no one shows anyone who they really are?

Look at me! The mirror screams, trying to see what makes you cringe, grab the paint brush and conseal it in!
I see those tears, grab the lip pencil let’s draw a grin, just mascara the pain you feel within!

How come we can’t just face the shame?

My body, and my face are not the most important parts of me!

I found out that I was the child I had to teach, and in order to grow, I had to reach, further than the world around us could show me!

What I found was light and love that you can’t believe,so there’s no way I will ever contour these dreams!

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