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Free Consciousness!

Letting go doesn’t mean I’ve given up, letting go is me giving into love,

nothing can grow if the ground refused to open up, so spread your wings my precious buttercup, I, myself need to do some growing up,

trying so hard to be so tough, but the world is not my mind, it’s all that gushy stuff,

feelings, emotions, a deeper love, I’ll feel it every now and then, and when I’m in tune with myself, that’s enough,

I realize the world is what it will be, I have no control over the outer me, so why let this giant head try to take control of me,

breathe slow, clear your mind, unthink, there is one way to become the change you seek,

become aware of the thing within, just observe, don’t allow it to win, every time you feel it crawling, remember you’re the gift, it wants to get in,

don’t you pity it, free your mind, follow your heart, learn to love your spirit from beginning to start!

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