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Dethroned again? I think not, the beast will always get a defeat, sniffing out the weak,

I standby patiently, sharping my teeth, can’t wait to taste the tears you will weep!

I’m closer than you think, smiling in the dark, eating their hearts, bashing heads in,

They thought they could cause a spark, not a single feeling in my heart, except the desire to pull your body apart

Sick, is an understatement, I created disease, a giant virus, you’re a dog, I’m the fleas!

Don’t be so sure, you got a hold of me, maybe I thought all the way up to this point, you will never know more than I know,

But feel free to guess the next move, I’ll give you a guess, I blow you up, and I laugh

Tired of people pulling my card like I won’t do some shit so unexplainable!

Being on my bad side is like facing death himself!

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