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Man of my Dreams

When I look into your eyes my soul floats away

I’m sure I’m still on a cloud somewhere with your soul till this day

I open up like a book

I drop my guard like a pin

I want you to take me now


catch my heart in the wind

How are you such a great lover and friend?

I promised myself I wouldn’t try to fall in love again

But here I am drowning in a pool of your name

I know I’ve loved you in the past but this just isn’t the same

I respect you more than I’d like to say

You make me want to act right and grow up

like today

I’m gonna have to pray that the universe saves you for me

Because I can tell I’m a bit behind

following your tracks like a dog on a leash

what the hell have you done to me?

I swear love was just some repeated joke before you came

Now my heart feels ashamed because I want nothing but your last name

And the wedding bells seem so far away

But you got me thinking about it each and everyday

Please don’t go away

You’re the only man I know who will look me in my eyes and never lie to my face

Except when we play but we’re on the same page

This feeling is great

The day I get to see you again I can’t wait

I’ll wish on a star that’s when you will be ready for me

Until then I’ll be sure to continue to keep you safe when I dream

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