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Peace with no Puzzle

They say we’re all one and they want world peace

I feel like that’s untrue

Because why do I always feel at peace before I start to talk to you

hear me out

I’m not trying to say what you said was offensive in any way

I just feel like there is a much bigger source at play

See I deal in energy and as we know energy is not all the same

So save me the rah-rah speech and instead of trying to make me blend

Understand that i’ll never become what you want me to be

Your best friend

Yes, I know so rude, so aggressive, so closed off

Well I’m sure if we’re all the same that would make you just as wrong

Since I know this I’m playing my hand much more closely

too find out that they don’t want to let you stand out

Naw, the new slaves no longer follow

they lead

I’m talking about the ones on top guiding y’all like sheep

Don’t you see the river was back on the other trail

I’m heading in that direction to take a drink

Now all of a sudden I’m considered out of line

Because I chose to follow my own mind

Oh what a crime

This poor world of mine

it’s lonely but at least I ain’t crying

Freedom has a price

And if I had the opportunity to gain it

I would definitely pay my life

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