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We Will Heal Our World

Say this once in your head

And twice outloud

I’m healing

I’m healing

I’m healing

My pain is no longer with me

My pain is the bird that flew away in the night

It left a place for me to fill with love and delight

I’m healing

I’m healing

I’m healing

the world just got blessed and it’s walking around in a brand-new dress

Unrecognizable from it’s last distress

This world is covered in love and holiness

This world is green and blue

This world loves me and you

This world has good vibes and great nights

This world is the best feeling on the out and inside

This world’s smiles light up the dark

This world doesn’t believe in spending time apart

This world is family gathered at the dinner table

Sharing loving things and eating food that makes our tummies sing

This world brings joyful tears to my eyes

This world grows stronger without needing to fight

Love and happiness are the best friends that cherish every one of it’s inhabiants

This world’s name is earth and we are so proud of it!

Saying it again, twice outloud and once in your head!

I’m healing

I’m healing

I’m healing

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