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Why does it hurt to be vulnerable

Like as soon as I open the door

Some big monster is there to eat me up

Or maybe Cupid was so mad he kept shooting arrows into the dark

That by the time I turn the light on

He upgraded to a double barrel shot gun

Now my heart feels like it’s breaking

When I know it’s just the opposite

The ice is melting and this is the feeling

I just don’t get

Because I’m crying with no real reason behind it

Other than this small violin playing lonely music

I’m the creator of this backwards world

But I’ve been so completely used to it

That when I get my passport renewed I still don’t end up using it

Maybe I’m waiting for someone else to come and visit

but when they do they are miserable

This island was truly only made for one

But I’m begging to get off it soon


Save Our Selves

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