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So am I supposed to be losing

Because I’m floating in the ocean

Got my head, my heart and body wide open

This drug right here boy, it’s potent

Not a damn person could tell me anything

cuz they’ll shiver in the moment

And if they take just one sip of my potion

They become the warrior that’s been chosen

Now I’m sick, sorry you just having a “bad” high

try turning over a new leaf

Quit pretending to be some bad guy

Cuz I know you only washed up

Or sinking in the low tide

How many of your followers actually differ

From them last guys

I’m something unique

I know it’s hard for you tell time

But don’t you know six o clock

is only half-time

The game is almost over

And you still sitting on the sideline

I got the balls not the bags

Because I’m rooting for the little guys

Last time I checked

In order to win wars

You need to have an army that’s bigger than your ego

So I’m pulling every fucking chain off my people

Crunch the numbers

the scales are not really equal

or did you forget we surrounded everyday

By all this evil

You think you still winning

But you will never follow where ever we go

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