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I’m here to STAY!

When you love someone you just don’t treat them bad

But what makes me sad

Is that it’s more of a communication thing

We not on the same page these days

You keep going further away

I’m not here to play games

I got dreams and things I need to get done too

What’s wrong with you?

How did you end up this way?

Didn’t your mother teach you how to love baybay?

I’m just speaking my love language

You think I’m sitting here speaking Spanish

I get it

You’re a man

Well I’m a woman

Adam needed Eve

Not the other way

Please don’t make me feel the pain

Of having to lose another love today

I’m trying to give my heart to you

But if you gonna be selfish

there’s no way my heart will stay

Consider this love as

just a call away!

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