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Tell me why should I stay?

There is barely any trust

Like when I get something for me and not you

You feel some type of way about it

give me one good reason

Why I should stay

I mean you made it clear

My kind was never welcomed here

Even when I bleed the same color as you

Even though I came from a womb just the same as you

Tell me again

Why should I stay

my people only been in chains longer than I can remember

And I’m talking chains that we don’t wear around our necks

mentally chained to believe in everything that you been feeding us

Since before we never asked for you’re help to begin with

why would I stay

This place clearly wasnt meant for me

And now my vision is clearing up

I’m starting to see clearly where’s my home

I’m not staying here

You can’t keep me here

I break my chains

I cleared the way

My path is lit up

My path walks on water

my path move mountains

My path glides over valleys

My path is mine and I know my path continues

After you!

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