Thanks for the Memories!

Now that I’m over you, did I ever really love you to begin with?

I mean thanks for the memories because they literally were better than the real thing

My fantasies are my personal drug and all I asked for was for you to wake me up

I guess that was asking for too much, man child, if I ever seen one

You didn’t want responsibility for anything after we broke up, only to tell me how much I did you wrong

Let me rethink about that too, because the biggest mistake I did was fall for someone just like you

And I should’ve knew, that I’d always be there for you while you’d leave me as soon as I didn’t do what you wanted me to do

Thanks for the memories, they are a bittersweet lesson wrapped up in another experience I hope to never encounter again

You even lied to me when you said you would always be my friend

I’m glad that it’s over now that I sit back in this good morning light

I’d wish you were here but you ended our relationship and I’m starting to believe you got it right

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