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Dear handsome boo

You’re not the first for me

I’m not the first for you

But we could pretend, couldn’t we?

Love, they say is not easy

But how can that be

So what if it’s not hard to us

Should that make it our fault

We got love and lust

That just makes us lucky hun

i love it when you give me a kiss

Talk to me nicely, give me compliments

Come grab my ass and say you missed this

You’re a fresh of breathe air, a mouth with mints

I got a crush on you

You know it’s true

Just tell me you’re crushing too

I won’t lie, honesty is all I need from you

I’m not tryna pressure you boo

I got respect for all that you do

I’m done with games

looks like you done with them too

So let’s grow up

And fall madly in love, just me and you!

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