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Too Far

I can no longer picture your face

Memories of us seemed to be erased

I try my best to keep you near

But maybe we’ve gone too far

I forgot why we split

Do you know the exact reason why?

I’m sure it was a disagreement

but I can’t recall what it was

How did we get this far

This far apart

I used to dream of you

Now someone took your place

It’s left me uncomfortable

I haven’t been able to sleep

Just how did we get this far from

One another

We used to have each other

Now we each have somebody else

And I understand this is what happens

When two people break up

But do you ever think we made a mistake

The farther I get the more I just

Don’t feel the same

Like love has become mundane

You were my spark

My light

My flame

So maybe we took it too far

Everyone told us something to make us

Believe that we weren’t meant to be

So we fell apart

Took it too far

I’m starting to forget who you are

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