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Unconditional Love

I’m not sure why you are so confused

Not knowing what to do

Love in the wind?

Are we better off as friends?

Not to reprimand but

You don’t know love, Love

I give you freedom

Because I trust

You came back

More than once

We can dance all night

If that’s what you really want

Lovers tango

Or sometimes waltz

So we’re down for a moment

That’s the price you pay for years


Love is not always rainbows and unicorns

Sometimes it’s trying your best

To weather through the storms

Letting you find happiness on your own

Making a house into a home

When I say I love you

It’s because I do

No matter what, with or without you

Even if you don’t love me back

I pray you find someone that you can love

And I hope they love you like I do

Because unconditional love

Is the only love that is true

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