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Shhh….Hunting for Lions!

Lion o lion!

You think your a king

Well lion o lion!

You forgot one thing

I’m a joker

And I trump you on my worst hand!

So lion o lion!

Go head make the first move!

I noticed you chat about me

When I’m not around!

Well guess what I plot to bring you


Not down in a sense that you lose your


Nah! That’s silly,

I’d rather come for your soul!

See since you’re taking shots

Let me show you a trick

I make moves spinning

Around your head,

Got you so sick

Now you want to harm me

But this is the thing

Not a thing on this planet you

Could ever take from me

I’m the master, the uno

The god and the devil

You’re playing a dangerous


One where you won’t proceed

To the next level

Anyone and I mean ANY ONE

that shoots at this star

Has all vanished from the

Earth so far!

See every tear that rolls down her cheek

Is a name, one I will keep

In this jar

I draw one everyday

Lights out lights out

No more lions hurrah

Every one lion I kill

I’ll brand them with your name

So when you finally join them

There will be hell to pay

So enjoy your time

Tryna kill my shine

Your names’ been marked

And you’ll find your hole

In due time

Until then I’ll pretend you won!

Because I’m the joker and

My joke is already done!

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