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Art is Timeless

I was feeling discouraged

Wondering if I was wasting time

Then I thought well what is time

A clock a watch

A date an hour

A second

A way for you to slowly

Lose your mind?

Time was created

Maybe I just live each day over and over again

Like Ground Hog’s Day

Doing something different each sunrise

Maybe it’s a chance to create a different

Master piece

Because to be honest

Art runs thru my veins

Art is my first, middle

And last name

Art is like the first breath I took

To come to life

Art will be the only thing on my mind when I die

Art is like the food that sustains my soul

Art is the thing that keeps me warm when I’m cold

Because if he doesn’t appreciate my art then he is subtracted from my heart!

Art happens to be my only reason for living

And if tomorrow my time is up

This life will be the best piece of work I’ve ever given

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