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Here you are in my thoughts again

Please remove yourself

You aren’t a friend

I swear I let you go

Now you come around

And I can’t shake you no more

My mind starts wondering about

This and that

How we ended up

And where you at

But then it hurts my heart again

Devil on my shoulder

Who invites you in?

I want rid of you for good

All you do is change my mood

I know what to do

When I pick you up on the road in my mind

I’m also pick up all my demons too

Drive the car of the bridge

And drown out my sorrows

With a good song and beat

Maybe even find something good to eat

You won’t get the best of me

My mind is too strong

To allow you to come along

And ruin the progress I made

So the next time we meet

I’m gonna leave you on the street

You will no longer bother me

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