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R.I.P. I’m Finally Free

Could this be

I’m finally free

The thought of you is slowly

Erasing from my memory

You and I talked

And no spark was there

You and I conversed

And my heart was else where

It seems to me that this love has died


To our very last time

This is the last poem about you

You think I want you but I don’t

I laugh with someone new now

You come up as a joke

But on a serious note

I have to thank you

Because if it weren’t for you

I wouldn’t have it like I do

Thanks for messing up

Thanks for becoming the biggest


So I can learn to love myself

And forgive you too

Knowing I’m capable of forgiving

Me too

So I guess there was a reason for you

But it wasn’t meant to be what I wanted

It too

You were meant to show me love

For myself

So I know how to receive it from someone


But once again I say

Rest in peace

Because I know a part of you is completely

Dead without me

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