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I said I’m hot right now

If you touch me you’d probably melt

But you lit this fire

Now all I want is your hands on me

Rubbing me down

Now kiss me slowly

And keep going down

Don’t stop till you reach the box

Make me wetter

Yeah that tongue is speaking to me

I finished three times

Now you want some

You couldn’t wait

It’s feels like heaven

You got my knees shaking

Now lean in and kiss me

Then embrace me

Oh now you finished

Well I got a surprise

I lean in for a kiss

But my mouth takes a dip

You moan like you like it

My smile is too busy to grin

I let you explode once again

This time I drink your essence

Now we’re both wiped out

And in your eyes I see a light

You see a sparkle in mine

We start to talk

I’m talking about fully clothed

But we undress one another

You kiss me again

And we embrace

Then go about our day

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