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Sex N Money

Sex and money

It’s not funny

But it less complicated

With just sex and money

Two things easy come

Easy go

Make em blow

Sex and money

I want more

I need that

I want that

Gotta have that

We grown now

So stop that

Why you want to judge me

A female only wants

Sex and money

It’s hard knock life

But I’m still living buddy

Put the money in my hand

And don’t snatch it from me

Can’t hold on too long

I better flip this money

Mulitple, I go dumb like dummy

Just don’t want to go broke

Fix my plate I’m hungry

Mo’ money mo’ money

Sex and dollars

Grab me a sweet ass collar

He could beat all night

I give him breaks no mileage

Cuz I learn the game

Make me say my own name

I like head with no shame

Gifting me with shots

I back to back like black whiskey

Treat my ass right

We not boys and girls

But this cat still tight

I just want sex and head

Leave your ass dead

If you even start a fight

Time is money

So pay me or fuck me

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