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I Can’t Lie…

I can’t lie

I simply don’t know why

I dream about you

Every night

Like is my subconscious

Giving me clues

Like Shaggy and Scooby Doo

Maybe it’s warning me

Trying to get me to see

That it’s all a game

One that you play

Keep stringing me along

But then one day

I’ll gain advantage

Turn the tables

Now I play my ace

And you come down crashing

Or maybe we just meant to be

You know love for all eternity

Our souls can go wherever

But still feel so close together

See when I see you in my dream

It feels like the present

A small taste of heaven

I can’t tell if I’m allowed

To feel this good

But it’s made reality sweet

I try hard not to rush to sleep

Because there is a world

Only you and me

Lord, if I pass before the sunrise

Make sure you keep me

In this dream life

I don’t wanna be away from

The love of my life

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