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Have I Grown?

I’m not the same

I know that

But neither are you

I see that

You don’t treat me like you used to

I don’t treat you like I did too

Maybe we just grown now

We were kids when we met

Young at heart

No regrets

Now it seems we falling apart

Keeping our feelings in the dark

I wanna break free

Will you come with me?

I don’t wanna grow up yet

Living forever young

Was what we said

So let’s reverse the tape

Replay the old days

The ones where we would

Laugh and play

Don’t say I’m too old

Or you’re no longer young

Live like a kid

Let your imagination run

Put business aside

Come and have fun

I miss you

I know you miss me

So let’s let go of our misery

And remember where we started


Two wild kids

With big dreams

Have I grown?

Well come and rescue me

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