Passion, pain, pleasure!

I want one now,
One forever,
And one never!

Can you guess my passion,
pain, pleasure?

This is my favorite got me up in space,
High on life,
Feelings all over the place,
Yeah, you can see it in my face!
Give me a taste!
Give me a taste!
This is great I want it now,
Don’t wait!

Hurt me good,
Hurt me great,
I can tell it’s hard to take!
But it’s never stopped me before,
and I can sense it’s here to stay,
That feeling never fades!

I’m all over the place,
Shaking uncontrollably,
Distant from the only me!
Could it be?
Finding this wasn’t what I
wanted now or forever,
I choose to feel this feeling, never!

Is there such thing as a reset?

Because I lived thru a three set!
Queen of the Damned!

Pleasure, passion, pain!

Devil did his worst and yet he’s still under MY control!


Dear baby,
Mommy loves you, always and forever!

I understand there may come a time
in your life where you may feel like this is

I’m begging you son, be stronger than this,
the world will always try to separate you from the ones that love you most!

You need to be a man on your own and grow,
I got that part but just know,
you’ll never leave my heart!

The first day I held your hand was the day you became the only man,
who ever had the chance to tear me apart!

Be gentle with your mommy, son!

Some girl is probably gonna hurt you but I never want you to forget,
love goes,
but it also comes just as quickly as it went!

Keep your love open and never let this cold world force you to close it,
it’s a task more complex than its opponent,
but please know this,
you’re destined for more, just focus!

Love yourself enough to know everyone else is just hurting!
No need to hurt them more just to prove you’re more chosen,
show them!

You’re my son so I know that you will be loved no matter what,
please just remember to always keep your head up!
I love you always, my king, my handsome, my little Egypt!

Our Nightmares

I’ll see you there, In your nightmares,
In your nightmares!

Every night you say a pray,
Hoping you won’t meet me here!

We can play hide and seek, before
I make you cry and weep!

Chasing you like a wolf would sheep!

In your nightmares,
In your nightmares!

What a thrill for me,
I get chills you see,
There is nothing like a fresh kill to me,

In my nightmares,
in my nightmares!

You forced the darkness out of me,
So now when you fall fast asleep,
You won’t have anywhere to hide you see,

On the hunt, every night I’m coming
For you,

My nightmares are fun for me,
But your nightmares are silent screams,
Written on your face, whenever you’re awake,
Counting down the time, for as long as your away, you won’t have to face my face!

You may keep on running you see, but I’ll always find you in our dreams!

Lies, Fables, Tales and Stories!

Riddle, Riddle
The cat and the fiddle
My words enter your head
And you begin to spin
I turn knobs covered
In cobwebs

But you don’t want me to stop
You’re quite intrigued
How can a girl have nothing
And feel relief

It’s not that I have nothing
It’s that I have everything
No need to question it
There is no arresting this

I refuse in the carriage
To take on in marriage
Because I’m happy
All by myself
Never once did I need someone else

This is the part where we separate ourselves
See you’ve been tricked
By a mysterious man
One who never reveals
His hand

Cuz if you seen the cards he dealt
You would’ve learned the treachery

So I give you this riddle
So that you may dibble,
Into your hole silly rabbit
These tricks are only for kids

We play and we play
While You lie in waste

I gave you the hand of
Jokers you fool

Lullabies, sweet lovely lies,
Did you honestly believe he was
Gonna marry YOU?


No more tears on my face
This Body in better shape
Pussy taste like shortcake

How you like me now?

So many checks off on my goal list
Money keep coming and going
New man got me smiling and glowing

How you like me now?

I lose em, Forgive and forget
My exes, they always regret
My bounce back, nothing but wet

How you like me now?

The Unruly Child!

I walk among my demons unscathed,
God in spirit, but man-made!

I know the secrets I contain,
Are worth more than treasure!

He says unto me
“Wait, please before you release”

“Father, forgive me
There seems to be some confusion”
“These people don’t know
They have been fooled and….”

“Do as I command”

“See, this is why I question thee”
“My spirit says help
But you say wait”

Y’all need to know this man,
He is a fake!

I love y’all more!
I’ll prove it too!

How can you sit back,
While children are dying!

I hear all of them crying,
Pleading, begging,
looking for a way!

In the snap of your fingers, you could
Save the day!

“There is more to it”

“That’s all you have to say?”

I eventually stop bickering,
Cause This will never end!

I need to do it myself, again!
So hold on everybody,
I’m coming out!

Breaking away from this shell,
Giving you a heaven,
Since you’re suffering in hell!

A Puppet’s Only Wish!

Every pull of the cord
hurts even more!

I’m reaching for the scissors,

Cutting one by one!

What can I expect when I fall?

Can it be much worst than this?

I imagine I’ll never know until I slice
through my last one!

Snip, snip!

No more strings on me!