Without Body


It’s like death but worst

because you’re walking

Instead of in a hearse

Give me something

a spark, a light

Who wants to be in a constant night

It gives other people a fright

They can tell I’m so cold

Maybe I’ll feel something

Again before I grow old

heart, mind, and soul

Lost in space

Or at least that’s how this story

Is being told

But maybe just maybe

I’m keeping the best part to myself

it doesn’t matter because I know

this secret I’ll never ever tell

So yes, my body is without

For now

But that’s because where I needed to go

Didn’t need my body no how


Where’s the trust

Y’all think too much

I got my mask on

Don’t mean I can’t see

I can tell them shots

Was aimed right at me

You can’t cause something

That will never be

And me dying in the streets

Is something I will make sure

I will defeat

Death think he creeping on me

I’m already gifted with the key

I dodge the bullet so many times

There is more than a price

Out on me

I know every eye is on me

Well keep watching me

I’m the god, prince and king

You couldn’t stop me

Even if I hand you the lock

And threw away the keys


What you doing?

I’m dreaming

Trying fill these pockets

I’m feening

Every minute that passes by

I give that shit meaning

I got a lot to accomplish

No I ain’t finished

I’m just beginning

In the kitchen cooking

Stirring the pot

Got the wolves looking

You’re everything that I’m not

Stagnant, lagging, falling off

I’m growing, climbing, going off

You wanna taste the sauce

Hand your girl the spoon she licked it off

I’m too hot but cool enough to say I got balls

Bet you still stuck on that line like whats up

That’s me, passed you on line 3

You can’t catch up just stay behind me

I’m getting better at this rhyming

Flow crispier and spicy like hot wings

Coming down to take a break

Can’t forget that slice of humble pie

When I’m busy chasing cake

You hungry let me feed you

Matter fact let me teach you

But if you try to rob me

Trust me I’m gonna turn around and beat you!


Am I too far away?

Did I stray?

Who am I?

Who was I yesterday?

Am I fearful or do I have faith?

Am I just trying to control everything?

Why don’t I know what I need answers for?

How come I don’t understand my insides more?

Why do I feel like someone else’s prey?

Do I fight or do I runaway?

Angels, demons does it matter?

Do I have what it takes to keep climbing this latter?

Why do I let their little voices in?

Will I float, sink, or swim?

Can I imagine that I’ll make it out of this?

Can I ever get thoses wishes I wished?

Do I need rest or should I fight harder?

Is love really the answer or does it keep me from going farther?

Am I lost again?

Here at my fork again, close my eyes, take another step….let what’s to come be prepared for me!

He Knows…….

I think I just like the thrill of a new crush

I be so scared that I’ll ruin it by doing too much

But Somehow he knows

He knows

I don’t gotta ask for space because he gave some up

He wants me to grow he sees me doing my thing and tells me live it up

I don’t have to ask him to be patient

He knows

He likes that I have him waiting

Because he knows

Now I’m wondering who should I tell

No one

Keep this secret to myself

When you have a dream this sweet

You can expect others to wish you lose sleep

And he knows


Let it flow, let it go

Down the river

Let it float

No boat

Just body

Head heavy

Need to unload

No more baggage

Let it sink to the bottom




Let it go

My river

It’s drugs

Come overdose

I’m too powerful

Straight power yo

Relax in my current

Not pulling

Just letting you float

Down the river

Down my river you go!

My Lonely Lullaby

You’re never too far away, you never leave me, you always stay!

My lonely lullaby!

You kiss me on the cheek when I cry!

My lonely lullaby!

You hold my hand in the dark, promise me forever before we part!

My lonely lullaby!