Unstoppable Star

Head high above the clouds
Take your mind, out the ozone

I’m telling you I’m nothing far from magic
Heart so pure the devil tried to grab it
And It put him in his casket

Everyone wants to climb the beanstalk now
But when I said I had the magic beans
Y’all were nowhere to be found
I’m way too high to come down

I feel the rocks being thrown
Weak arms, need a strong bow, to shoot this far
You’re aiming at a star!

So I’m already expecting this
I just keep moving forward despite the risk!

Anyone that ain’t with me will have to live in a dust cloud
Speeding past you, coyotes
I’m just wildly, because I’m so chosen
And anything blocking my path is overdue for an explosion!


I move swiftly


But you shouldn’t be afraid of the light
And Darling where I strike I won’t strike twice!

Is it the fact that I act too fast and you never know where I may hit next

That’s the best!

It’s not a curse but a gift

I warned you with the thunder
Pain stored down under

Easy to send a bolt
Flying out
Top speed

Another one bites the dust

I crack
I pop
I rock your world

Bolting in the night
Should’ve thought twice
It was fun
Now the deed is done

You can only handle
Electrocution once


If it’s that easy for you to blow away,
Caught up in the winds of my hurricane
It means you were never meant to stand next to me

I need someone to light my fire
And strong enough to stand the rain
Winds up to 66
When they come for me

You need to know the difference between my good and evil
Know when to play the opposite and when to play the equal

If you withstand all I give and my winds subside, you will come to find out you were working towards paradise

King of the Jungle!

“Let me borrow you”
This part of my journey is awfully tough
“But, what do you mean”
“I never left”

Scratching her head
then lowering her tone
Getting caught meant
Her talking on her own

Now she was whispering to herself
Like the person in her head
Was someone else

“But isn’t though”
Too loud
Once again
She caught herself
Now back in my head I go

Mental illness they call this
But insanity
I think not

More control over myself
Than the doc
Prescribing the meds
to shut me up!

“No way!”
Voices scream in protest
Could it be possible
I’m really being my true self

“What’s wrong with me?”
Says another but quiet in fact
“I know who you are?”
A different one answers back

But they are best and worst company
I smile because it used to make me sad
Running around thinking “you’re going mad”

But no I wasn’t
Really I’m not
I simply have the same cases
Everyone’s got

Except I struggle a lot
Finding my OWN voice wasn’t
As easy as I THOUGHT!

Cuz sometimes I say I’m
Beautiful in this dress
Other voices make me believe
I won’t get out of bed

A giant war for a throne
All happening inside my own head
I smile like a fool
A single tear shed

Till that one day
Out came this roar
From the shadows
A hero, a savior, a brave voice

Who was this unknown
Well this mystery was me
I learned to distinguish one voice from the
So now they cannot fight with one another

Peace and harmony reside when
only one sits on the throne
Who knew that inside me
There lived a king all along!


I don’t live in reality
reality is a group of likes, a common sense
I live outside of that, surreal

Speaks truth, aware of lies
Two different sets of eyes
I’m a painter and my colors blend
I take the white with the black please
Grey matter, mad hatter
Don’t matter
I’ll still climb the ladder

In my own world
of my own kind
I ask you that you visit
but not to stay
create your own world
so that I might visit yours one day

New Love

Oh no was I plucked again?
My heart goes pitter patter
Just by the sound of your name

I’m grinning so big
And I’m my temperature
Goes up
When you are nearby

I let out a sigh
Because I know I’ve been

Cupid you are an evil one
I just beat this
But now I’m falling again

At least I can say that this time
He is a friend
I’m feeling all giddy and cheery
Should I be afraid of this feeling?

I will just take my time
This time
Pace myself
I learned a lot the last time
I was in love

So for now I’ll keep this to myself
I’ll just be around until
The moment reveals itself

Love, you’re a tricky game
That I hate to admit but I like to play
So a new opponent has been picked

I’m ready for this
The score is big and well worth it
So I’ll strategize and I’ll win this time
This new love will be all mine!


You’re it I know it
This time I’m really sure
But it’s a secret one
I’ve gotta keep
From everyone

I don’t want to blow this
You’re all that I’ve wanted
The way you smile makes
My heart skip
But I wonder if you know this

I seen your number
So I guess you’ve been chosen
Everywhere I go there it is
Another reminder
So I can’t forget
This is it

I won’t tell no one
Not even you
I’ll keep this a secret
Because it’s so true

We will be together just me
And just you
I made the wish
On a star
That they’d bring me a you

Now that I know and hope
That one day you will too
Until then I promise
To just be close enough
But never give this secret up

Until it’s time, I’ll make you
All mine
And my fairytale
Will be complete
I’ll live happily ever after
After all

You’re my one
Now I know for sure
And this time
Won’t be like any
Other time