Harley Quinn

If I’m watching you

You must be watching me

You must like the view you see

Me on my hands and knees

Last time I checked

That’s exactly where I should be

When trying to pick up a card I’d rather keep

See don’t think you got me figured out so easily

The reason they keep losing is

Cause they think they got the best of me

I’m just as crazy as you thought I’d be

Losing only because it’s fun to do something differently

Come and join me if you tired of the game

Throw all you’re cards to the wind

no longer afraid of the shame

leave it all to chance

give Russian Roulette a spin

It’s dangerous I agree

But how, do you suppose, anyone ever becomes free?

Save Me!

This can’t be it

I still feel your lips

When you had them pressed on mine

every love song reminds me of the laughs I had with you

How are you not erased from my mind

How did you get rid of the moments, those feelings we felt

I know for damn sure I didn’t feel all of that by my damn self

Save me

Save me

From making the biggest mistake

Of letting go of myself

Because there is no denying that you are my soul

Don’t let me go

Fight for this

We gotta fight for this

The tears on my face are proof that it’s always been you

before I ever even knew

It’s been you

Save me

Save me

Before I make another mistake

One that we’ll both regret


I’m on my knees

Just save me

The Joker

I’m a wild card

Must be why I stay single for so long

No one wants to play when the odds are unknown

But I’ve tried changing my ways and to me I don’t feel the same

I can’t change my past but forgiveness doesn’t come cheap

I’ve learned to water down my wild like an alcoholic drink

Too much for just one person to sip

I’ve got the power to boast but I’ll usually be more humble about my shit

I got to a point where I don’t have to open my mouth because my company speaks on my behalf

Telling you all about how big I am

How willing I am to make you laugh and laugh

Now some might call me mentally ill

But I assume that’s because standing next to me will make you want to kill

I’m drugs baby

You fall over me addicted against your will

Smile on my face always because my smile hides my greatest skill

That I know what you’re cards are

I always have and I always will

I Wanna Grow Old With You

Life has a funny way of showing you who you need and who you don’t

I feel like the comedian on stage that didn’t get my own joke

I’m lost without you but I haven’t lost hope because I know how I feel when I’m with you

And I know how I feel without you too

no matter how much I get angry and I try to walk away

There isn’t a day that passes where I don’t see your face at the end of the aisle

I can’t walk that walk if I don’t see you waiting on me

Please don’t get over

Please don’t give up

Please don’t stop waiting for me

I’m walking towards you

Only you

Tears running down my face

Hope securely in place

Heart locked safely in a glass case

Your voice being the only thing that can make the glass break

us growing old together

Forever meaning forever

I’ll find you in the next life

even if I have to fail a couple times

You will always be apart of me and your name will always be inscribed on my heart

Giving Up

You had better say something

Yeah this is me calling you out

Shit anybody can tell that you’re bluffing

I guess except the girls that always want “nothing”

Loving you was something I proved

Now they all just come around to mess with you

distract you from the truth

Some might be really good

Others hardly give you any youth

I’m not gonna lie to you

Say something

Before it’s too late when you do

I’ve waited and waited and now

I’m too tired to

so say something or I’ll be sure to

Replace you



We stand

In the end

Love blossoming

A dark rose

Sheds light

Turning day

Instead of night




Like tears

Joy grows

Beyond existence

I stand with you

You stand with I


Time stops

And here

We are





Love is pain, pain is love!

This is where you’re supposed to be

So why you running away from me

Was love ever meant to be free

or is this cage supposed to feel like an open field

Blind me from this pain I feel

Sheild me from my tears

Give me more than just the hate you want to conceal

The reasons you cant forgive yourself

I want the love you feel when you with her

Because you know I showed you that feeling first