Let Me Be

It’s unfair to me that you refuse to release me from this prison

I mean you left me alone, so I thought it would be right that I could be my own person

Stop trying to tell me what to do and how to act

You’re acting like a spoiled princess, a little kid, a giant brat

I don’t want to play this game with you no more, the catch and release

I wanna do bigger and better things like car payments, business moves, signing a new lease

So if you’re not down then just let me be free

Selfish, to hold me hostage till you’re ready to be with me

I deserve the love I give in return

Not a mess of worry and concern

You moved on or so it seems

I’m only asking for the same thing

My Life is Art

Blank white space

On a brand new canvas

I’m the artist and here’s my mural

Fresh green paint

I’m still holding so much pain

Letting it go

With each brush stroke

Fresh red paint

Passion spilling out of me

Splattered on the canvas

Fresh blue paint

Coming down from my high

You still get the best of me every time

Fresh black paint

Not this time

I closed my eyes

memories I learned to hide

Fresh yellow paint

I’m opening up again

Smile plastered on my face

Sun shining in my painted sky

stand back now

Look at my art

I believe I’ve done a good job

Wait till you see the work

The work that I’ve done

You may even want me to

Paint you one

D & M

Two beauties

Light up my world

Sweet like candy

you both put a smile on my face

Thank you for rewarding me with your


Such a blessing

I’m glad I got to know you two

Brother and sister

Two wonderful angels

hopefully we will meet again

I’ll never forget your names

D & M

Lost Love

I need understanding

Love and communication

What happened to flowers and candy

Forget love making

I want you to hold my hand

Slow dancing

Sweep me off my feet


I’ll miss the days where couples stay together

As old as you are

I’m talking 30+ years

What happened to happy love tears


Moonlight dinner dates

Jewelry for just a regular day

Not just presents on my birthday

How about a sweet ballad

Down on one knee

proposals without the ring

Because my love doesn’t cost a thing

Maybe I’m doomed to never have the real thing

Love of my generation has lost its meaning

I hope my future husband doesn’t lose this feeling

Because I’m still waiting for something to believe in!

I Lost

I don’t know who I am

Who I want to be

I’m feeling like I want to blame

Everyone else besides me

I feel so alone

I feel so ashamed

I let someone else cause me to be this way

and now I can’t forget your smile, your voice or your name

Why can’t someone save me from all this pain

I want to sleep and eat and live

Without you on my brain

Why did I try so hard

Just to lose this much

To feel so empty without your touch

It’s unfair to me

Because I thought I did everything right

I didn’t lie, I didn’t cheat

I stayed by your side every night

I supported you

and loved you dearly

So how come I’m the one being

Hurt by karma so severely

I have nothing

I feel broken

I just don’t understand

What did I do that made you

No longer want to be my man

If there was a game that we were playing

I’m sure that I lost at it

You got everything from me

And I didn’t get shit

No Game, Just Bloody Wars!

I just want to trust that I can trust

But even that’s asking too much

it feels like most people don’t wanna see you go up

And I hate more than anything this feeling of being stuck

I got two ways this can play out and the more the options way out

I can tell I’m gonna have to lose another part of myself

Where did y’all come from

Why you always wanna be near me

How come the more people I have around it’s harder for me to hear me

escape into myself, most people would be calling out for help

I’m learning that I’m better at being alone then hanging out with the crowd

So much pressure on becoming a great that they ask for ways to eat the cake

I’m not tryna feed nobody but myself, because the moment you start starving

Them same motherfuckers are no where to be found

Leave me be, if I’m gonna drown then let me drown

I bet you I could swim touch the bottom of the ocean push off and hit the highest high anyone has ever felt

I never doubt myself y’all need to trust me or go kill yourselves

I’m not playing games, I’m winning wars

I’m a Queen on the frontline someone should’ve warned you before!

The Fallen

What happened to the girl I used to know

After this break up

They forget to tell you how weak you will feel

Like I’m fighting for a chance to smile again

You lied to me

You told me we would stay lovers or friends

I look in the mirror and don’t know who I am

My confidence is gone

Like in the wind

I can see why some prefer the damaged thing

Because at least you’ll still have something

I’ve fallen and can’t get back up without my wings