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Game of Thrones

Life lately has been real robotic
This isn’t what I had in mind
When I decided I needed to make up mine
But as long as I do it with all of my passion
I still feel satisfied inside

You probably thinking of me right now
And I’m still thinking about you and the stupid shit you do
How do you assume, some how? That those moves you used before would work on someone this smooth?

You did your best and I appalled you
Some quit before they got ahead
But you in the finals now
I’m sure I’m gonna end up with one of you
Or just all alone
Either way it’s hunger games

This is a race but I’m done giving shortcuts away
Someone’s got to win one of these days
And it’s gonna prove exactly what I’ve been saying

Till then I promise to take care of myself and stay out of the game
No longer want to be distracted by something unsafe
I’ve had my fair share of very sick days
Now It’s overtime until I change my name!