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The One

I’m in a daze, not sure what’s up and what’s down
You seen me when I was having trouble seeing myself
You touched me like no one else
That’s why I love you farther than earth itself

We all walk looking for apart of ourselves
I felt it the moment you walked up
I didn’t care how you looked, didn’t care what you said
Your energy captivated me and took my breath away
it’s hard to know if I’m still breathing till this day

To be chosen by me is a treasure because I see beyond the two eyes we measure
I have a gift of knowing that not many know about
But you know, cuz you do too

We are the same from the same star
Bursted here from a far
Split down the middle, found my half
We countlessly find the right words to say to complete the other

Diamond and gold worthless to us
We’ll get it to make sure
This is our planet for now, gotta make the best of where we are
I’ll find you again when we are done
You are my twin, my soul, my one

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