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“Light the Way”

Everything is cool and easy
Makes me nervous
Cause I’ve come to believe
Goodness has a time limit
And my nightmare grows stronger in

Who did this?
I search in need for a blame
What a shame
How one can have eyes
And be blind

I’m grateful that I am
As powerful as I am
Because never did I know
I was walking in the dark

Walking towards my goal
Never knowing
That I held the depression
That haunted my soul

It wasn’t my teacher
Who told me I wouldn’t make
In the world on my own

It wasn’t my father
Who wasn’t around enough
To witness me grow

It wasn’t the lovers
who came around just to
Get what they wanted

It wasn’t liars
Who’s stories I believed

It wasn’t the friends
That swore they’d always be
There for me

It wasn’t the articles
Who stated facts that made no sense

To tell the truth it wasn’t anyone’s
Fault except my own
I’m Finding out freedom
Begins with independence

Oxymoron to be so blind with a set of eyes
Looking for a way to justify the way I
Treat myself Do I need help, Or was the answer always this clear?

Stop looking for a savior, sit in the dark for a minute and you’ll realize you have a map to the light
Opened my eyes and I’m on my path

Stop looking back, because you’re the only one responsible for what you bring ahead!!

So now go live, love and learn!

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