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Turned that pain into a drug, now I’m high all the time!
Who needs a pill, when you can get this low on your own!
Backwards, falling up then back down again! Icarus, Flew this close to the sun for fun.

What’s death when your unafraid of it?
Came close enough before, that I’ve felt my heart stop, woke up with a knowledge most don’t got.
That was enough to make this whole world seem like a game, and I’m winning

You don’t know the in or the out until your finish, and how can you argue with someone who has seen the end and the beginning?

But understand me when I say there’s a future for all of us, no need to worry about tomorrow, that’s the lie, one you could never prove

I die every night to come here to tell y’all we ain’t got nothing to lose

Fighting to keep air in your lungs, trust breathing without relying on nothing is only half the fun!

Emptiness, darkness…..ever wondered were we fed a nightmare instead of a silent slumber

Touch me, but do you feel me? I could be up in the sky looking down below, playing puppeteer for the shell you see before you!

Mind gone? Now I’m found! Illusions are all apart of the confusion, giving me reason to believe death is nothing but evolution

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